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Over the past fifty years, every party that has come to power and formed government, has framed and misled the Indian voter into believing that they would lift the population out of poverty, provide jobs and opportunities, rapidly build sorely needed infrastructure, provide the basics of roof, power, water and undertake local development, encourage the creation of wealth and bring lasting change to the country. All of these promises have remained part filled, while political and bureaucratic corruption have progressively milked budgets allotted to these necessary and laudable goals, and used State power as personal fiefdom and used for personal gain.

While the current Modi government has taken many initiatives, and shaken the system somewhat, and is definitely a better story than their predecessors in so far as projection of intent is concerned, it is still true, that all of their policies and initiatives have had nowhere near the impact that is required to truly make the quantum leap that is needed for India to emerge as a socio-economic-geopolitical powerhouse that is not only needed but that right fully belongs to it. The deep thinking and talent needed to tackle the huge problems and challenges of the country is still missing from governance.

Apart from the patchy development story, the one parameter that most of all defines the success or failure of any government is this question; has the Tanav (stress) or Tana-Shahi (Threat) in the lives of Indian citizens increased or decreased? The answer is the only solid proof that is needed on whether a government is good or bad, successful or a failure.

From any perspective, the present system is and has largely been a failure since independence; and any moves that are made from within the current system of policies, laws and rules of governance, originally set by the British, no matter how much of an improvement over the last lot, will not deliver the results required by the people of India.

For rapid, durable and lasting change in India, a new system of Governance with a new legal framework and rules for the Bureaucracy for public engagement needs to emerge. This is possible almost only within the confines of a dynamic new political party. It is within this deeply disturbing narrative and reality that The Rising India Party is conceived and formed. This document sets out the Policies, Rules of Governance, Laws and the operational philosophy framework of The Rising India Party.

  1. NAME:         

The name of the proposed Party shall be THE RISING INDIA PARTY OR SPIRIT OF INDIA (Ubharta Bharat party)? Sunrise Party; Rising Sun party; Sunshine Party??

  1. FLAG

The Flag of the Party shall comprise of all the colors of the light spectrum to symbolize the Indian Civilization’s core narrative of Coexistence and Freedom of all colors and shades of human thought, desire and celebration of the dance of human existence. A civilization symbol such as such the Ashok Chakra or other popularly recognized symbol shall bind all the colors. (Design to be commissioned)


The election symbol of the Party shall be an image of the “Sun” (?) To be debated and confirmed. TO BE CONFIRMED



  1. To make India the Number One country in the world and the Leader of global human capital development in spiritual, material, social and scientific terms amongst the comity of nations. This is the rightful place of the Indian civilization and its people as witnessed by its ancient to modern history in the great contributions that the Indian civilization has made to world civilizations including to the Greek, Roman, Chinese, South East Asian, Egyptian, Arab and Western civilizations.
  2. To co-opt all socio-economic segments of Indian society and make available opportunities for spiritual and material advancement to all Indians in a dynamic, friendly and growth charged environment such that they can actualize their in-born potential for earning their living and growing individually, as families, communities and society as a whole.
  3. To recreate, reenergize, refocus and evolve the rich tapestry of our ancient civilization in the 21st century Context, Setting and Environment, using the ample natural resources and human capital available within the country; and through promoting of interlinkages of all relevant socio-economic-political-geopolitical factors.
  4. To bring back into Global Focus and actualization, The Golden Bird, that India potentially is, as it was known throughout the ages, such that the people of India live in an environment free of stress (Tanav) or fear or threat (Tana-Shahi), enabling them to live a rich, prosperous, balanced and fulfilling Self-fulfilling, joyous lives.


  1. To unleash the genius and energy of India’s people; uplifting the poorest families, while creating the framework for the richest to participate in the ambition of cohesive, holistic, rapid, sustainable and permanent nation building through pre-determined and pre-defined policy frameworks approved by the people of India.
  2. To remove the artificial barriers created by former colonial masters and perpetuated by their Indian ruler inheritors, all political parties, since independence that have led to slow and lop-sided development of India.
  3. To tap and develop the natural genius of the Indian people from the entire    socio economic-political-religious spectrum; from the grassroots, up so that every Indian of every persuasion, of religion, caste creed or whatever, has opportunity to grow spiritually and to prosper materially within his / her means and intellectual and physical ability; so as to live in dignity; free from the stress of poverty, hunger, deprivation, corruption or communal divide within the ancient Indian civilizational principles of Truth, Justice, Fairness and spiritual enhancement.
  4. To thoroughly assess India’s socio-economic-cultural and natural resources, to establish linkages, and through a wholesome, holistic cohesive Policy framework to maximize these with the view to unified social life, and to generate wealth enough to fix the ills that plague India with speed, efficiency and with Integrity, using new models of Governance based on Merit, Accountability, Incentive and Intelligence free of Personal Agendas, and Misuse of State Power for personal gain or advantage.


  1. Integrity, honesty and quest of the promotion of the service culture for the people of India.
  2. Governance through Self Knowledge, deep thought, consultation with different thought streams and experience, and sensitivity for the greatest good for the people of India
  3. People first, Country first, Civilization first.
  4. Identify, promote and honor Meritocracy
  5.  Impartiality towards all with malice towards none
  6.  Laws rooted in our civilizational values and ethos


  1. The Party Guarantees that it shall work ceaselessly to find the best talent that is available within India and within the Indian diaspora.
  2. The party guarantees that the best people would be brought in and be involved in policy framing, governance and national development narrative such that the party’s stated mission, objectives, values are met within the frame of the Indian civilizational narrative
  3. The Rising India Party guarantees it will ceaselessly work to ensure national integration, democracy, and a society free from crime and exploitation by narrow vested political or economic interests or interest groups as its core lifelong goal.