About the Author, Naveen Kumar Chopra .

I, Naveen, was born in Kapurthala, Punjab in 1949

The proposed political party and its principles laid out, have been in my mind for more than 45 years now, since 1973. A voracious reader since early childhood I have been following the social, economic and political-geo-political scene with deep interest thought and great inner connection. In 1972, when I was on a visit to Varanasi, I was blessed by the supreme consciousness with the Self-realization experience that is indescribable, and one fall out is that it clearly shows all of creation, all of life and its intimate interconnections.

In deep states of meditation, I have been blessed with clarity and understanding of the problems that confront India and more importantly, the solutions for each of these problems, core and peripheral, as they appeared on the canvas of my inner consciousness through the years. 

I left for New York and set up a small company trading in Indian merchandise including handicraft, but through it all my passion remained the uplifting of the human condition, India always in the mainframe focus.  To illustrate this abiding interest and affirmative action tendency, in 1974-5 when I was living in New York, I wrote a paper on the issues confronting humanity and the concepts required to be examined in order to solve these and submitted these personally to each and every UN member Nation’s office at the United Nation Headquarters in New York. It did not elicit any response.

On returning from the US, 1977 saw my first effort to address India’s problems with a solutions paper. I approached the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi , and I personally handed her my write up and ideas on possible solutions for India’s ills. It did not elicit any response.

1983 saw my first attempt to bring to the attention of the then Rajiv Gandhi government and ruling congress party a comprehensive work on the solutions India could adapt to sort its endemic problems when I penned a very detailed work titled Project India – A conceptual Framework, and sent it to Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and Mr. Arun Singh of Kapurthala, who was then acting Defense Minister and close friend of Rajiv Gandhi. This was the very first time that I, or anyone, talked of Demonetization as a policy instrument to eliminate corruption; but, my proposal has a total policy revamp attached to the Demonetization move over an extended period from announcement of Demonetization. There was no response. This, of course was not done by BJP and PM Modi, and Demonetization became a hatchet job run by a “Thanedar” PM rather than using the move to integrate an inclusive co-operative society, that unleashed India’s genius and inherent resources for the development and betterment of the entire nation.

Subsequently, again in 1999, I updated this work and published 5000 copies titled Project India, A Conceptual Framework, which I sent to absolutely all candidates of all parties, who stood for the Lok Sabha elections, lists of which candidates, I obtained from the election commission. I also tabled this work at a meeting of small political parties in a meeting in Delhi in which present was the Pune outfit credited with advising the PM on de-monetization.

Hence, it can be safely inferred that the Modi government’s Demonetization and some other initiatives and ideas are possibly rooted in my work. An original copy of this work is available for examination and uploaded under its title here on the website for all those who may seek to examine it for seeking the truth and confirmation of these statements and claims.

Through 60 years of my almost 70 years of life, I have keenly watched the Indian, indeed the world’s, socio-economic-political-geopolitical story unfold. From Nehru’s idealistic India, to the Chinese invasion, to the Indo-Pakistan wars of 1965, 1971; Lal Bahadur Shastri’s all too brief stint, the rise of Indira Gandhi through the intense machinations of the old guard, the Kamraj plan and its aftermath, the 1971 election whence Indira Gandhi obtained a thumping 2/3rd majority, abolition of privy purses, bank nationalization; the growth in corruption, the depletion of the Indian civilizational ethos through growing westernization, I watched and agonized for my country and its vast mass of people. I was in the U.S for most of the Indira Gandhi “emergency” period.

I left for US in 1973, returned when I received a letter from my Papa ji that he was on his last legs left for home, and arrived just before the 1977 election that Indira Gandhi lost. Subsequently, after papa-ji was re- energized with my arrival and intense care or seva, I left for UK, onto New Zealand and in 1981 arrived in Sydney, Australia to make it my home where I set up two companies and gained huge experience including in audio-visual education models. Even though I consider Sydney as one core-home, during all this time, I retained my Indian citizenship and birth-core ancestral home in Kapurthala, Punjab, India, and continued to study its socio-economic-political-geopolitical problems and reality throughout these years.

Circumstances, including my mother ill health, intervened and I again returned to set up my education business base in New Delhi in 1995. Since then, I have been watching the evolving social, economic, political and geopolitical scenario on the sidelines, while building my business, which is now a recognized, front line company in the global education space in India, that brought forward looking Career Pathway Planning in India, and has been leading in setting ethical standards through its functioning, with professionalism and innovative leadership.

I have had inner clarity on the solutions to the problems that plague India. I have attempted to approach, to be heard, by the political establishment on numerous occasions including in 1977 (Indira Gandhi), 1983 (Rajiv Gandhi) and 1999 (all candidates who stood for parliamentary elections) with the clear and absolutely doable solutions to India’s persistent problems through the presentation of my Policy and Solutions paper titled Project India – A Conceptual Framework.

Each attempt has been ignored, I suspect, because of the huge vested interest of the political classes who are not interested in solving the problems that confront India. Rather they are uniformly interested solely in gathering power unto themselves, pandering to their egos and making as much money, building as many assets, as they can for themselves in and through various tools including their extended families. They are definitely not interested in identifying and inducting the best talent into governance and those few honest and talented officers that do exist in the bureaucracy are shunted to nothing postings and ignored.

Witness, that most education institutions, hospitals, land bank developers, media, mines, pretty much all major projects have political class and bureaucrat money in or behind them. The biggest generators of corruption and black money have been these classes. Rakshasa Mann (mind) rules India, indeed the world.

The public, the voters are always left high and dry and cheated through false sloganeering and hope creation, with little change on the ground situation of their lives. Control, control and more control over our lives is all that the powers that rule us are interested in.

It is now absolutely clear to me that no political party presently operating in India has either the brains, or Will, or desire to bring about the huge revolution in thinking and administering that is required to bring India’s vast humanity into a true state of prosperity and a sense of well-being and happiness, the so-called Ram Rajya, anytime soon.

Whatever policies are brought in, are knee jerk, piecemeal, often copied from the west, and eventually ineffective as none of these take into account the wider ripples and effects that each move or policy engenders and these are definitely not framed with the Indian civilizational ethos in mind.                                

There is absolutely no originality of thinking, only more of the same disguised under different labels. No deep thought, no originality, no concern for our civilizational narrative except in the dastardliest interpretation, cow slaughter, hardline and totally misunderstood concept of Hindutva and so on.

All this time, India’s neighborhood and the world is increasingly becoming a hostile and dangerous place to live in. Stress is increasing by leaps and bounds and amongst the vast majority of the population there is a sense of hopelessness and apathy creeping in that is thinly disguised, dissipated and dispatched through an artificial sensory blasted life style and intense propaganda.

This has to change and the only way it will change is if the vast public bring in a new Political reality through a brand new Political party that clearly lays down a clearly articulated and sustainable policy framework in advance so that people can examine it and if they think it to be sensible, vote for it to be actualized.

This is an attempt to do exactly that. India needs a New Deal.


I declare that I am not washed in milk; no human being is. My weaknesses are in the same frame as those of all humans, and I am sure that once The Rising India Party becomes a public property, opponents and media will look at my life to find things they can use to discredit and disgrace me, in an extreme situation, even move to kill me. I have no issues with that and am prepared for the consequences of putting up this party which is aimed at completely changing the governance paradigm of India such that the corrupt, self-serving nonsense that has been going on for decades is neutralized, and so the nation and its people can be genuinely free and prosperous. Entrenched powers comprising the politicians and the vast bureaucrat services are most unlikely to take this lying down, nor would they repent, change and join the new narrative. So be it. Base line facts of my life are as below.

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