Additional Concepts and Core Stipulations .

  1. The open spaces thus released from spread out low-level dwelling will be used create space for agricultural produce, forests reserves where animals would roam free within large electric-fenced spaces to bring nature into every citizen life even as they live highly urbanized lives.
  2. Lakes would be created for bringing in bird life for environmental enhancement, clean air, green spaces with lot of playing fields etc.
  3. The game animal reserve areas can be fenced to high rise fencing and light electrification, to prevent animals from reaching into the human populated areas, such an environment would be unique in the world and is easily created.
  4. All cities would have to be turned into self-sufficient energy cities to the extent possible by using the large appropriate wall surfaces and roof areas to be used for solar energy generation and where appropriate high-rise buildings with where wind velocities are of the required level, wind turbines can be installed as this would largely go into energy self-sufficiency.
  5. All buildings or cityscapes will be water harvesting cities where the entire mass of rain-water that is gathered through the roof and road drains would be piped into water harvesting pits across the city are in a manner such that ground water recharge would be very rapidly attained.
  6. Additionally, the bath and kitchen water would be processed into clean water for watering gardens, lakes etc.
  7. Under these circumstances there will be individual bore wells delivering water to certain levels of gallons etc. which would be permitted.
  8. This kind of self-sufficiency has been rarely conceived or seen in large city clusters.
  9. Building clusters would be linked through connections at different floors where possible to design and bring into being socially alive clusters.
  10. All buildings will be built to strict earthquake proof standards.
  11. All would have underground shelters for use in any kind of emergency.
  12. As a culture preservation narrative that would also fuel increased tourism, The Rising India Party states that in all new population cluster builds, a small proportion of the building design should be used to build what can be named “ancient civilization” areas.
  13. These would replicate the local flavors that are so different throughout the land, as they were in ancient times.
  14. These pictures would be built from what we can glean from images still surviving of life in ancient cities of India; including from such treasures such as the Ajanta and Ellora caves and other such.
  15. Given the extreme charge into the Western narrative in everything India and Indians do, The Rising India Party would mandate that a concerted effort is made for cultural and civilizational preservation of life styles such that these are not forgotten by succeeding generations through areas in new cities that are built into the city design.
  16. These would-be areas that are understated replicas of days gone by with temples, public baths, Dhobi-Ghats, bazaars, artisan and craft villages and other ancient symbols of life as lived in the nation will make city-scapes interesting even as they coexist alongside the ultra-modern.
  17.  Roads can be named and nominated to display such areas in all new cities except that each would reflect the old local culture and flavor to the extent that architects and designers are able to recreate the way India live and evolved with has been for thousands of years ago. These areas would act as tourist attraction even in the new cities.
  18. The finest exposition of Indian culture is witnessed in the Ajanta Ellora caves which could provide some inspiration for designing such bazaars tailored to the cultural landscape for each geographic area has since were the days gone by through the centuries.
  19. The state would commission teams, to research and creative teams to translate into concepts for to get a gain a narrative which would be unparalleled and in the world.
  20. India has a 7000 plus -year-old civilization has a huge trove of treasures to pull out and roll out life-style sites for Indian and for foreign tourists or foreigners who come to live here when experience that would be the most beautiful and enriching of all in the world. TO ADD AS THIS EVOLVES

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