Applying for Leadership Roles .

The Rising India Party encourages people who are passionate about India and the welfare of its people to apply for leadership roles. Before applying, those interested must undertake a self-evaluation process and answer for themselves the following questions and demonstrate that they are:

  1. Able to devote the time that a leadership role will entail within their professional and business life cycle.
  2. If they are contemplating a full-time role, they must be able to demonstrate that they are financially capable and independent such that their involvement with the party does not impact negatively on their family lives.
  3. They must have demonstrated leadership capability and abilities within their life cycle in professional or social backdrop on their CV or Bio-Data.
  4. They must be able to demonstrate, through the record of their dealings with third parties, both in their personal and professional lives that they are people of high integrity, honor their word, are fundamentally honest, do not hold extremist views or positions of any kind whether related to religion, or communities or caste etc.
  5. They must be able to demonstrate that they are passionate about the country and concerned at the prevailing state of affairs
  6. They would need to submit a write up of not less than 1200 words on why they wish to apply for active leadership roles and how they would contribute to the party and nation building.
  7. They would need to submit a detailed Bio-Data as per prescribe frame notified on the website of Leadership role applications.
  8. People who apply for any leadership or functional positions or who are picked for such roles will need to agree to submit to thorough background checks of their socio-economic-educational- experience backgrounds including Psychometric evaluations to preset frames particularly focused on evaluating integrity.
  9. They will also need to agree to polygraph assisted interviews if required by the party to assess their truthfulness of their declarations. The Rising India Party is extremely focused on picking people who are honest, intelligent, experienced and passionate about India and keen on nation building.
  10. The leadership group dynamic would be built using available psychologic assessment tools to ensure that the group has the required shades of personality and experience types required to ensure optimum functioning and results within any functional group.
  11. Thus, each group shall comprise individuals who are thinkers, implementers, nurturers, detail oriented, and so on across the personality spectrum.TO BE ADDED - BY ANYONE

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