Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence – The Policy Solutions .

For meaningful solutions, that would change the quagmire faced by our armed forces to be implemented, the present system of excessive and total bureaucratic control over the Ministry of Defense; and defense research, industry and manufacturing, has to be dispensed with immediately.

The Rising India Party shall do so as a priority, on winning elections. The Rising India Party, proposes a radical wholesale change in the manner in which the Defense sector is run including a total and complete revamp and reset of the Ministry of Defense as per contours laid out below.

On winning elections, The Rising India Party will undertake these changes as a matter of urgency and furthermore, the suggested frame will form part of the Referendum that the party will hold on these Policies to ensure these are backed in Toto by the wise public of India; and thus a permanent narrative is set, as in stone; there can never be any compromise or diluting of national security and its Defense Forces. The Indian public is asked to please consider the following:

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