Armed Forces – Our National Borders and Geopolitical Environment .

It is important to understand our border and geopolitical story when thinking of the huge task that our armed forces are confronted with. It is a huge tragedy, and one entirely of our own making; one to which our own bureaucrats and politicians, to this day, are providing continuous sustenance.

Our border and geopolitical story has been consistently written, and set by, third parties and we are playing the game set by others with their own interests in mind; rather than by ourselves, to our own national and geopolitical interests.

We have abrogated our rights and our narrative to the agencies and agendas of third parties; notably, first the British or the Anglo-Saxon powers, and, now China. In the process, our politicians and bureaucrats have demonstrated that they have neither the capacity of deep thought, backbone, independence of decision-making or Will, to work to the national and public-interest in the forefront of their mind; a pre-requisite to be a bureaucrat serving the people of India in the eyes of The Rising India Party.

Here are some geo-political facts for the Indian people to digest and consider in order to understand the underlying influences and dynamics that are at work and responsible for our current national security environment that dictates our armed forces needs and essential requirements.

Firstly, the matter of partition and the creation of Pakistan, and then Tibet, our source and root civilizational area, that we allowed China to gobble up because of the head-in-the-sand story of our bureaucrats and politicians. Both, these events have together written the story of our nations continuously disturbed and disruptive borders on both fronts for endless years imposing unimaginable generational costs, unless we shout STOP, and take steps to neutralize these factors they will not stop. It is still not too late.

Residents on both sides of our border need to wake up and realize that Pakistan was, by no stretch of the imagination, a creation of popular majority sentiment, even within the Indian Muslim community; Pakistan was all a manipulation of the British with some help from our own citizens.

There was no referendum ever proposed or carried out by the then ruling but departing power, the British, because they knew that the vast majority of the public would not want partition or separation from their ancestral motherland of thousands of years. Remember, a majority of Pakistani families have blood relations living in India; that there are more Muslims living in India, than in Pakistan. India has the second biggest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia,

These truths are witnessed by the fact that as late as in the 1937 elections to the Central Legislative Assembly, while the Muslim League emerged as a competent party, capturing a significant number of seats under the system of separate electorates (endorsed by the British) but the League lost in the Muslim-majority Punjab, Sindh and the North-West Frontier Province; today’s Pakistan!

The storyline that Muslims would not have political power in a Hindu majority India and that they were a separate “nation” was both planted, nurtured and sold by the British in Jinnah’s and other Muslim leaders mind; for which they had ample opportunity through the numerous friends and interactions he had with the British and the time he and other leaders spent in Britain.

The man credited with the creation of Pakistan, Mohammad. Ali Jinnah, was an on-the-record staunch congressman and nationalist right up to 1940. It was British intelligence and political geopolitical shrewdness that set up the story that eventually led to the partition of India, and one that is bleeding it to this day, on both sides.

They read the weaknesses of Mr. Jinnah, used his illnesses, and influenced him so that India would never emerge on the global geopolitical stage as a united entity and consequently a competing world power. Tragically, while the Pakistani establishment will deny to death, Mr. Jinnah, is on the record, and stated on his death bed, that the creation of Pakistan was the greatest blunder of his life.

The West, including the British, were always in awe of the civilization to which they came in search of wealth and wisdom, finding both and one that fueled and funded their own success while they did everything to sweep it under the carpet and undermine it in every way they could. The policy of studying, researching, reading and projecting identity differences to embed these in the population was part of the divide-and-rule policy of the British. Political manipulation using opportunities provided by a multi religious society was what divided India, not majority public demand.

The independence agreement framed by the British was designed to ensure that India, at independence, was fragmented balkanized State. Consider this, the agreement said to the Rajas and Maharajahs that they could decide if they wanted to join Pakistan or India or they could stay independent.

The British were certain that many would choose to stay independent. They had not counted of one Sardar Vallabhai Patel, who, strongman that he was, ensured that within three months of independence, most signed the instrument of ascension creating an independent India as a large unified nation state.

When the British saw this happen, they were mortified. It was the British who hatched the plan that was put in motion of sending Pakistani army regulars dressed as mujahidin across the border into Kashmir, which occupies a hugely strategic geographic position.

Proof lies in the simple fact that the Chief of Pakistan army at that time was a British officer, and it was the British who convinced Jawaharlal Nehru to go to the United Nations; which he did against the advice of his own generals who asked for a week to throw the raiders out, as they were being beaten back and on the run.

There was absolutely no need to go to the UN. The British had told Mr. Nehru that they would support him at the UN, and promptly betrayed him by putting the plebiscite story as a condition of the UN brokered ceasefire. No Indian leader to this day, or bureaucrat, has ever asked or stated, why there was no plebiscite or referendum for the creation of Pakistan. The British succeed in splitting a civilization because of the stupidity of our own leadership. Yet, on both sides of the border reside people whose gene stock is the same, and more than 7000 years old. Only difference is of how God is worshiped, as the name Allah or the name Bhagwan or whatever name is employed to think of and pray to the same energy or entity.

Then along came China; and its Tibet grab and within this story rests the existential threat to the very civilization that is India, and the modern Indian nation State. Tibet has never been a part of China. The only China connection is perhaps for a very brief period, when around 1720, the Chinese Emperor Kangxi, took control, only to cede it to the then Dalai Lama.

Tibet, in fact, has always been independent, and a bridge between the Indian and Chinese civilizations; from where the Indian spiritual influence spread to China, and later Buddhism took root and grew in influence and story of peaceful coexistence throughout South East Asia. The Chinese people know this very well despite the communist regimes efforts to wipe out spirituality and God from China.

If anything is true, it is that Tibet is the very heart and soul of the Indian spiritual narrative and the Himalayan Civilization; it is where countless of our Rishi-Munis meditated, where the Lord Shiva’s energy resides. Where the Brahmaputra, the son of Brahma, arises. Truth is that if anyone would have had a claim on the territory known as Tibet, it would have had to be India.

It is to the great credit of the Indian civilization and spiritual culture that it never laid such claims even while a huge amount of its spiritual history and testaments were played out, and lie in Tibet; in the shape of the Brahmaputra, Mount Kailash, Mansarovar and so many other legendary places of worship and meditation of our ancient Rishi-Munis. China knows all this very well, and is scared of these facts to this day. Hence its hypersensitivities to the very mention of Tibetan grab and its independence.

China claims that the border between India and itself is not defined. That is absolute and sheer nonsense and lies. The Indo-Chinese border has been absolutely clearly defined for thousands of years by the Himalayas, by nature.

The North face of the Himalayas is India, and the South face China. Astride it, rests the Plateau of Tibet, a free, spiritual, peaceful bridge and country. China has no business being in Tibet, and needs to be told so. Neither side has over the centuries invaded or otherwise tried to commit aggression against the other and have recognized the Himalayan range as its natural boundary, till Mao came along and gobbled up our roof, Tibet.

Mao, master strategist that he was, saw and realized that if China were to permanently dominate the Indian sub-continent, he would need Tibet in his bag, and he moved to acquire it soon after gaining power in China. We let it happen.

There was no way that Tibet could have been conquered if India had stood up and said NO! The rest of the world would have listened, and if not, it would still be a more or less an even match between the two armed forces with Tibetan population on India’s side. Now we suffer consequences that are there for anyone to see. China is an existential threat to the very fabric of India and needs to be seen as such.

The Indian people need to decide if they wish to be slaves for millennia or fiercely independent as they have been in mind, spirit and geography. These are the realities that India faces and what is at the door of its armed forces to defend and safeguard; one hand tied behind their back!

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