China Policy .

China has emerged as the single biggest existential threat to India and the ancient Indian civilization. In 1950 or so, the Chinese rolled into Tibet and took over; without a whimper or push back by Nehru’s India. Mao, super intelligent and hard-nosed as he was, took it upon himself, as his first major geopolitical move, to swallow up Tibet, and in the process, gain an unbeatable advantage and dominance of and over India. The Indian and Chinese armies at the time were not that different in their strength and capability. Push-back action on the part of India would have yielded phenomenal results as the Tibetan population in no way accepted the invaders, and would have supported India almost to the last man. After all that, all those Tibetans who could flee, fled to India and took sanctuary, the Dalai Lama included.

Mao’s China changed the geo-political narrative beyond measure for all of us. His armies marching into Tibet, which has never been a part of China, brought the real and present existential danger right to our door step. Tibet always has been independent, and has always been the bridge between our sub-continental and the Chinese civilizations. Lord Buddha’s spiritual teachings went to China via Tibet which has always been peaceful, spiritual and non-expansionist. Our Rishi-Munis meditated there and our most sacred shrines and spots fall within the bounds of the Tibetan plateau; Mount Kailash, Mansarovar, Brahmaputra and so many others.

Pundit Nehru and his cabinet along with their bureaucrats, in allowing and accepting the invasion of Tibet by China complicated the narrative for the entire area and 3.5 generations later, we are paying a heavy price, which is most likely going to become worse, and may well end up destroying the very fabric of our civilizational narrative of thousands of years, forever. A narrative that, even today, holds the potential for world reconciliation, peace, prosperity, material reconciliation and spiritual evolution.

It is certain that the vast majority of Indian citizens, if not every single one, do not accept and agree that Tibet belongs to China and would stand by that statement even if it led to war. Tibet is a CORE to Indian national and civilizational interests, and this story has to be changed as soon as possible with Global campaign launched by India.

China claims that the boundary between itself, India, Bhutan and other Himalayan territories is not defined or clear and it lays claims to huge swathes of land to which it has no historical, moral or any other kind of right, including in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

The Chinese statement in itself is absolute rubbish and total nonsense.

The fact is that, for thousands of years, the boundary between the two civilizations and its nations has been absolutely clear and totally demarcated; by history and the natural boundary of the Himalayas.

The historical fact is that the South face of the Himalayan mountains is China, the North Face is Bhutan, India, Nepal; and astride between the two, the top, lies the plateau of neutral Tibet, which through the ages, formed the bridge between the two civilizations. This is both historical truth and fact from any perspective.

That none of the Indian leaders or their bureaucrats have thought it fit to state and project this to China and the world over the years since China invaded Tibet and started laying rubbish territorial claims is criminal and bespeaks of weakness, fear and a numb state of mind of its leadership across the political parties and spectrum.

An almost total lack of awareness of its own civilization’s reality and inherent truth; its geo-political reality; or perhaps they are mostly self-delusional, or bought or under blackmail.

The nation’s Soul is in pain, and fearful of the fate that awaits our people at the hands of the Chinese emperor Xi Jinping. Our leadership has no backbone to push-back with strength, especially when we have the truth, and our vast population on our side. In true Mao style, whose statement, “power grows from the barrel of a gun” says it all, China is busy bullying all those it can’t buy; it now has the means to do so. Dominance is its aim, and we are non-entities in its thinking.

Our civilization has never stepped outside of its natural boundaries in conquest. It is the only civilization in the world that demonstrates this characteristic. Furthermore, our civilization is inclusive. It is not exclusive like the Western or Chinese civilizations. We make everything our own. All influences, all cultures, all religious streams and sub streams, we make them all our own. This is our greatest strength, and we don’t know how to use it in strong diplomacy.

 The Rising India Party takes the position that China needs to be told that its story is false and cannot be permitted to continue any longer; clearly, unambiguously and this needs to be broadcast across the world.

China rams its “core interest” down everyone’s throat, well we have our “CORE INTERSTS”, Tibet is certainly at the CORE of our national and civilizational existence and well-being; and these too must be respected.

China has to get out of Tibet; which must be and remain truly Autonomous and either jointly managed through systems worked out with the Tibetan people or independently managed by Tibetans.

Will China invade as a consequence of this position if The Rising India Party wins power and government? It might, but the risks for it would be too high, for if it does, it will lose all the world whose peoples would see it for what it is. The opposition thus generated would quickly start to neutralize China’s aggressive intent, at least buy India and the world time and change the narrative. The Rising India Party takes the position that the Indian people have the backbone to face-down an aggressive China, and it needs to be done as a matter of survival-urgency.

India, has no option but to stand up and be counted and while, as things stand, China’s armed might far outweighs what India can throw in any war, India does have enough deterrence capacity at the present stage for it not to be a push over. The short and longtime cost to China of a war with India would be globally devastating for its ambitions and the rest of the world will wake up to its aggressive designs.

The Rising India China Policy would roll out thus:

  1. The party would make this proposition a part of the referendum to go to the people of India and ask them the following questions and if majority are in the affirmative, The Rising India Party will roll out its China Policy as contoured below:
    1. Do the people accept that China is the rightful sovereign of Tibet; or Is Tibet seen as Chinese territory since ancient times?
    2. Do the people accept the invasion and take-over of Tibet by China?
    3. Do the people of India accept that if China invades India, that its people are prepared to die to the last man-woman if necessary?
    4. Do the Indian people accept Chinese dominance over them, now or ever?
    5. TO BE ADDED
  2. If the answer to these question is a NO by the majority of Indian citizens, then the Rising India Party will pass a resolution in Parliament nullifying India’s diplomatic acceptance of the Chinese position and invasion of Tibet and will carry out all moves necessary to reverse the Chinese invasion and illegal occupation of Tibet.
  3. India would propose to the Chinese State, that if they are to live in peace and amity, they will need to restore the ancient historic positon and walk out of Tibet returning it to its full Autonomous State position to be ruled and governed by themselves.
  4. India will propose that all armed personnel be pulled out from Tibet.
  5. That to safeguard Chinese and Indian interests, India would agree to a position wherein Tibet does not raise any army but maintain a para-mlitary force.
  6. If Tibet does not have any objection, India would agree to a joint force to be constituted and maintained on both borders to ensure none move to any territory grabbing war-like position at any time in the future.
  7. That all Han Chinese that have been shifted to change the population demographics be negotiated with the Tibetan people to permit them to stay on and become Tibetans.
  8. However, those individuals that are seen as inimical to the Tibetan culture, Tibet would have the right to ask them to leave for re-settlement in their Chinese homeland.
  9. That all Tibetans who have been forcefully shifted to mainland areas be permitted to return home.
  10. These moves will bring about a permanent peace while safeguarding all interests.
  11. It would also bring about a level of connection and cooperation amongst China and India that would make them jointly the movers and custodians of Global geo-political narrative for the growth and wellbeing of all human-kind.
  12. China has to be approached through its people rather than the totalitarian government which is on a swan song of empire and total control. This has to change for the two nations to find themselves.
  13. Chinese people have ancient memories of India as a magical land from which flows the highest spirituality and inner power. These memories need to be tapped and revived through any means that can be created behind what is a solid steel curtain.
  14. Indian IT prowess has to be harnessed on a war footing to engage the people across our borders on all sides.TO BE ADDED

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