Communication and Meetings .

1. At each Level of the Party, regular meetings must be held comprising, where possible, of all or majority of the members of a given unit.

2. Minutes of these must be recorded in a combination of Video sound and written, as applicable; with follow up action on decisions taken set out and responsibility for completing of these tasks set with time lines and deliverables.

3.  Meetings involving illiterate or semi-literate part of the membership, people to be recorded so accuracy is maintained.

4.  It must be a declared aim to bring about Usage of Central Server environment with video conferencing or net-based conferencing as soon as possible and as resources permit.

5. The communication chain or grid must include all levels of Party functioning with strict responsibility assigned. These are to be set taking into account personnel strength available, administration levels, set Urgency or Priority etc.

6. There must be at least a three-level accountability and oversight of these processes at each stage and echelon of functioning.

7. At all times, there must be a system of two-way communication flow between the Executive i.e. Ruling part; whenever and wherever the Party is in Power, and the Organizational part of the Party.

8. It is the job of the Organizational Groups to keep the Executive Groups, and vice versa, updated on the impact of Policies at the grassroots and public levels, as to the effectiveness of Implementation of various Government programs and the churn within the Public at various segments and levels at any given point of time.

9. The rule of Internal Party Democracy cannot be suspended or superseded or changed without an internal “referendum” within the entire membership of the Party.

10.  The sole exception would be when a State of Emergency is declared; but even then, there cannot be a suspension of the Processes of Communication Flow and decision implementation as set out in the clauses above, from those already in place at different levels of the organization that forms the Rising (Shining) India party.

11.  A state of emergency can only be declared in extreme cases such as war, major riots spread across a large geography of the nations, natural disaster or similar grave situation.

12.  The communication chain or grid must include all levels of Party functioning with strict responsibilities to each functional Group assigned. These are to be set taking into account and assessing the effectiveness of a functioning Group of the party .TO BE ADDED - BY ANYONE

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