Constitution, Organization Structure, Rules and Policies for Internal Party Governance Blueprint for a New India, Narrative The Party Constitution – Structure and Laws .


The Constitution of The Rising India Party is designed to be a Live and Evolving document in the Open Source format; in other words, open to the wider public to contribute for further evolution and development. As a live document, it will evolve and change as it gains members who contribute, as knowledge evolves and as circumstances change. The constitution will always open to periodic review and debate, and where necessary, change in its laws and by-laws would be carried out as we go along the journey of The Rising India Party.

All such changes will be done within the party organizational rules and regulations as these are framed and notified from time to time and within the party’s functional architecture.

Currently, all Political parties operate as “closed circuit” organizations whose core aim is to perpetuate the power exercised by those in control of the party architecture and consequently, governance when so ever it comes about through electoral victory. This inevitably leads such an organization to mediocrity of people and talent, and the absence of true democracy in an open format where all ideas and counter ideas are tabled and debated such that the best solutions and narrative is arrived at.

All constitutions of all current parties are designed to deliver obedience and are not framed to find the best possible talent to run the party and by extension, the country.

The Rising India Party’s core Organizational consciousness, is designed and framed to be open. Open to ideas, to criticisms, to improvements, to evolutionary change when such change is positive, for the better, and engendering positive energy, that is, in the ‘Open-Source” format. It is expected that this party, if it comes into being, will be a true “Peoples Party” free of narrow coteries serving their personal interests through political power, and open to absolutely everyone of all persuasions, provided that those entering it subscribe to its stipulated Core Values laid out in this document.

Within this narrative, the party will automatically have special interest groups who are engaged in pushing their particular concerns within the party as a microcosm of functional Indian society. For example, there could be groups who are concerned with and pushing environment issues, or those of a particular community, or industry and so on. These would ensure continuous attention and healthy debate leading to framing of policies when the party is in power and to framing opposition or focusing attention of the government, when it is not in power.

This Constitution is designed, indeed tasked, to be open to inputs and views from the widest possible spectrum of people, and most importantly, to be open to the best available talent, or rather, to actively seek the best possible talent that is available amongst Indians anywhere in the world. It is expected that this party, if it comes to being with the peoples will and support, will be a Party free of narrow coteries serving their personal interests through political power. The party can only come into being if enough people subscribe to its vision, mission and values as laid out in this framing document.

As a live document this will evolve and change as knowledge evolves and circumstances change. It is always open to debate and where necessary change in its laws and by laws would be carried out as we go along the journey of Rising India.

The Parameters of the Constitution that are Fixed and not subject to change are:

  1. Commitment to the Upholding of the Indian Constitution
  2. Commitment to Integrity - of intent and action of its members and especially its office bearers.
  3. Commitment to Bar entry of criminals or people of criminal bent of mind with the aim of eliminating of criminality in Politics.
  4. Commitment to Fighting and eliminating corruption at all levels of current functioning of the State including in its various services
  5. Commitment to Meritocracy and Incentivizing, within available resources, the Functioning of the Party and State.
  6. Commitment to actively seeking the Best Available Talent for governance of the Party and State.
  7. Commitment to replace the present corrupt system with effective alternatives promoting honesty, efficiency and innovative functioning to the best interest of the people and nation.
  8. Commitment to work for the uplifting and betterment of the country, from the poorest to the richest in a manner that is holistic, fair, equitable and takes into account the nature of nature of all development needs, even where conflicting.
  9. Commitment to work for the overall socio-economic-political-cultural and spiritual progress of the nation and its people.
  10. Commitment to Policy of No compromise of National and Civilizational Interest.

With your Blessings and Protection Baba!



For the new party to genuinely become a catalyst for lasting change in India a new system of Governance with new legal framework and rules of public engagement needs to emerge. This is possible almost only within the confines of a dynamic new Political Party, the operational philosophy and operating framework of which is as set out within this Constitution.

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