Consumer Laws – Policy Contours .

The Rising India Party proposes the following principles to re-frame consumer protection laws for the consideration and comment of the Indian consumer:

  1. All companies, regardless of size would be required to publish real names of real employees including the heads of sales, service departments, the area heads and the managing directors.
  2. These must have an email address, that can be different from their normal business one but that is attended to by a company employee in cases where the consumer has chosen to escalate a matter if the service provided by the company’s call-center is not satisfactory.
  3. All companies would be required to publish the address of their Head Offices and Registered Offices.
  4. All companies would be required to publish their own minimum delivery standards for their products, ones they can stand by and one the consumer can expect to experience in exchange for their money.
  5. Industry associations would be tasked to arrive at these standards for their industry as a whole within which, the individual companies can have better than those set by the industry bodies.
  6. Companies would be required to publish any cautions or precautions prominently on their product catalogues.
  7. Companies would be required to hold pre-set amounts in escrow to address consumer complaints and provide refunds or compensation as necessary, if their product does not meet published standards of the company.TO BE ADDED

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