Data Protection – Privacy and Surveillance Society – Policy Frame – Narrative .


Fear is the Key! It is the key that is successfully, and with intense fear based propaganda, garnering significant public support, in fueling and rolling out of the world-wide policy moves of the surveillance-suppressive society. These moves were instituted post 9/11 events by the U.S., U.K, and their European allies. China, in any event has been a draconian totalitarian power since Mao’s revolution of 1949 that killed millions of its own people and, currently, has been taken to new and far more sophisticated heights of surveillance-suppression of its people by the newly self-anointed emperor-for-life Xi Jinping. The Chinese people have no say, and if they do, it is on pain of imprisonment or death or both.

It is the nature of power to try to perpetuate itself forever! This is the simple reason why rulers of all kinds and under all guises, democratic, dictators, totalitarian regime models through human history have constantly attempted to make their power bases permanent using whatever means that they had, or have, at their disposal. A cursory reading of history would ratify this statement.

Today, with technology penetrating into every aspect of citizen life such that it allows for total-watch of every conversation, habit, personal life in a 360-degree frame, the emerging world is leading to be one where increasingly, while there would be cosmetic freedoms in the guise of democracy in democratic nations, in reality there would be absolutely no freedom what-so-ever, especially when it comes to criticizing entrenched political elites or power and the bureaucrats who serve these.

Already, today every phone call, email, social media and web use is watched; from the moment that citizens step out of their homes, they are on camera everywhere, including, often in their own home and neighborhoods. All this is done to the entire population in the name and fear of the few criminals who take up violence and arms against society and the State. What most citizens do not get is that the state of technologies is such that selective and focused use of it on those who are suspected or who show propensity of violence is entirely possible without the entire populations having to suffer such suppression and indignities.

In fact, long before any of these high-end technologies evolved, the Police of every nation through human intelligence, always Knew and kept a watch or record of all un-social characters and activities including those of drugs, smuggling, prostitution and so on. None of these activities ever existed without the knowledge of the prevalent authorities of the time; and today they have extreme technological means to assist such focused watch. The public the world over is being hood-winked into accepting and submitting to the official State positions without question. Such is the power of fear.

Then they roll out the Data Protection Acts, for which propaganda is that it is to protect privacy and personal data, but the reality is that it is designed to take away whatever little vestige of personal power a citizen has left over his / her own data. These acts are designed such that while the State has all the citizen data to play with, the citizen has no right to choose what he / she wants done with his / her own data; whether they want to be part of the closed loop that the state imposes or not, is not a choice available to him / her as the default positions of all these laws as mandated are far too complex for any citizen to follow or contradict.

It is to be noted, that none of these draconian laws or moves have been put to a referendum anywhere in the world and there is absolutely not citizen oversight of all the officialdom implementing these laws. Is this democracy?

The days of true freedom of speech, expression, even thought are, almost, gone forever. Almost gone; because there is an extremely narrow window still available, particularly for India and Indian citizens to reset and at least partially reverse this western model in our own nation, which would have huge world-wide impact and stop or, at the very least amend, these narrow-motivated policies designed to serve the very few power-elites who actually rule the world behind corporate and democratic smoke screens that are not penetrated by the common citizen anywhere in the world. Those who know, are either bought or silenced out of fear of losing their livelihoods, and even death threats. 

This draconian depressive, suppressive and counterproductive system cannot become the story in India, and it is heading in that direction because our bureaucrats and politicians copy willy-nilly everything that the west does, and also because this gives politicians, bureaucrats and governments they run, total, unbridled power over their populations. All of this is the rolling out of totalitarianism across the world even where there is the guise of democracy.

There is almost no place on earth where genuine citizen-centric democracy and attendant freedoms exist anymore. The Fear psychosis is used to roll out draconian measures and entire populations are silent victims, many even participants of a phenomenon that will in time eat them up and destroy any vestige of humanity from humans. The signs are already everywhere.

The Rising India Party would include in the referendum basic questions on the level of freedoms and data protection that the citizenry wishes to enshrine in the nations life.

The questions that The Rising India Party poses to the citizens of India are; do they wish to live behind a fear curtain? Do they wish for the State to rule their lives by laws they have had no real say in? Do they wish to be watched all the time everywhere? Do they want their personal communication to be in the government domain with no privacy? Do they want to have choice on these matters through a referendum so the majority of voters can give their verdict on these quality-of-life impacting issues?

The Rising India Party proposes the following for the citizens of India to consider and vote upon through the referendum that would be carried out on winning elections to set the national governing narrative for this century as below:

  1.    All technology must be used to improve the quality of life of the ordinary citizen even while it is selectively used to neutralize threats that emerge from within the human population and laws must be framed to bring such a situation into being.
  2.    On matters of personal privacy, except where there is circumstantial evidence, or suspicion of possible crime including that of extremism, Personal Privacy must be guaranteed by the State and no one, including the State should have the right to look-in or interfere with the personal lives of the citizens. 
  3.    Where there is circumstantial evidence or suspicion of crime including that of extremism, the State would reserve the right to employ technology to watch individuals or groups and submit reports to closed courts of such activity where citizens with the highest level of security clearance would be empaneled for limited time frames to form part of the closed courts, citizen oversight committees to ensure that there is no misuse of State Power.
  4.    Those individuals who are found to be clean after such scrutiny must be removed from the watch groups with their public record unsullied.
  5.    India’s Data Protection laws must be citizen centric and must not ape the current and recently enacted western laws whereby the laws have been passed in a manner so that the ordinary citizen has no rights to control of his / own data through default settings, in terms of how they wish to handle their own data or what right they wish to give to whom for its use, but governments and corporates have virtual unlimited access and usage rights
  6.   Governments dictate these conditions without public referendums or public oversight and this must not be permitted in India.
  7.   There must be public oversight on the entire phenomena of use of technology for public surveillance.
  8.  Data disclosure would be premised on a “negative-permission” from the citizen rather than a blanket application of closing data to all citizens.
  9.  For example, if a citizen does not want his or her data to be given to anybody the person should so state on the data permission registry.
  10. In the absence of such statement and the data that is the public domain will remain in the public domain in the same way as it has since ancient times.
  11. Data collected and stored by government would be subject to public oversight and laws governing its release and use would be such that no commercial or negative use of such data would be allowed without the express permission of the citizen.
  12. Standard laws relating to privacy and data use would apply to all corporates and they would have no right to set their own laws unless these are related to proprietary intellectual property and inventions.
  13. The government data will become completely transparent in the public domain except as it relates to a person's financial and personal details.
  14. In such cases if the person allows or permits the release of these details either in the public domain or in restricted to restricted entities the government would behave in a manner consistent with the citizen control of their own data.
  15. Data protection laws that have been brought about in the west are completely motivated to take total control of its citizens leaving no choice or power to the ordinary citizen from whom all wealth and power is derived.
  16. Corporate such as Google, Facebook and other large technology companies have virtual uncontrolled unbridled rights in the way they use citizen data which would be brought under control in India through Indian laws.
  17. Aadhar Data Repository would be overseen by citizen committees to oversee all data banks and ensure there is no government misuse of such data-systems
  18. The Rising India Party would form Audit and Plans Board groups to create detailed documents of Citizen Oversight on all government functions.

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