Defence Planning for Future Technologies and Weapons Systems .

The world is moving at breakneck speed with competition for economic, technological and armed might dominance intensifying exponentially each passing day leaving no time, room or space for complacency. China has set itself firm, short, mid and long-term goals to achieve complete 360-degree dominance on land, air, space and sea through overwhelming technological superiority.

It is already in a position to challenge western supremacy on many front and is no longer afraid of western power. It is almost completely dominating the Indian State and our armed forces remain at the mercy of our politicians and bureaucrats who refuse to move to rectify the dangerous situation that confronts us.

Within this scenario, our bureaucrats and politicians are continuously playing the head-in-the-sand game; of disbelief and pretense, that China will not dictate terms of existence to India and its people when it already is; that they will not invade, that they will be peaceful. Utter and absolute nonsense. This begs the question, have the Chinese bought up our politicians and bureaucrats? If so, who and how many?

The Rising India Party on winning elections will immediately move to rectify these situations and will create the architecture to tackle these challenges to the nation as follows:

  1. An overarching Strategy and Plans Board would be created tasked with perpetually keeping on top of all that is happening in the technological, geo-strategic and geo-political arena across the world with special eye on China and our neighboring areas.
  2. This would be staffed with thinkers and specialists from each of the areas of land, air, space, and seas in terms of technologies and events to form integrated Think Tanks.
  3. These Boards would work out the broad contours of policies and actions the country needs to take to keep on top of its security needs in terms of technologies, equipment and strategies within an integrated holistic thinking and action frame.
  4. Personnel would be drawn from armed forces, both active and retired; engineers and technologists from various backgrounds including but not limited to, from leading IIT’s, other technical institutions, heavy industry, experienced engineers, overseas Indians, Indians as well as foreign citizens from the private sector who have knowledge, experience and skills in the areas that India requires for its security apparatus.
  5. The Core group would form and oversee sub-Groups to tackle each specialist area within the 360-degree frame so each gets the requisite mind-space and attention.
  6. All of these would be interlinked and form an integrated whole
  7. Technology groups would be formed within the Ministry of Defense that could be concerned with both defensive and offensive technologies with the task to be at the cutting edge of all the technologies through interconnections at required levels.
  8. The Strategy Plans Boards may call upon personnel from the private sector firms for tenures with the Groups in national interest.
  9. The law would be amended or passed whereby corporates would need to give, leave to officers called for duty from their corporations and would agree to carry 25% to 50% of the salary during this tenure with government on national security matters as incentives to the individuals.
  10. Such salary would be a tax write-off and if there were any additional taxes payable on this such as GST or whatever those would be waived.
  11. The government would additionally pay such staff adequate compensation to make it worth-while for such personnel requisitioned from the private sector; an incentive for excellence and meritocracy.
  12. These Groups would present annual updates on the State of Play in Defense technologies and production of weapon systems and would identify new ones that need to be brought into production mode in time bound frames.
  13. There would be a core area thrust on research to neutralize emerging weapon systems and technologies such that any inimical power knows that they face the “impotence” narrative if they attack India.
  14. The Indian civilization has never in its long history stepped outside its natural boundary in conquest; this would be the stated policy of the nation.
  15. It would guarantee no conquest but would reserve the right to pre-emptive attack tasked to destroy offensive capabilities, if it sees an active threat from any power who is dreaming conquest of India and preparing for it.

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