Defence Research .

  1. Audit Board Groups (APGs) would be set up to evaluate all research underway in the country’s Defense PSU’s and related research groups.
  2. The (APGs) tech and administrative and support staff to identify and make redundant, the research personnel deadwood pool.
  3. Research Audit Boards would be formed with the purpose of evaluating all research that is underway at all these government institutions.
  4. Progress, or lack thereof, would be identified and those areas that are in the obsolete frame would be dumped for more advanced and upgraded research priorities.
  5. The Audit Groups would be tasked, amongst other things, to assess and evaluate if the quality of the personnel of various research groups is of the requisite caliber.
  6. Lack of progress in any research area would be analyzed to ascertain reasons thereof
  7. If this is because of factors external to the groups capabilities, such as bureaucratic or administrative blockages, these would be removed forthwith.
  8. The Audit Groups will identify if there are resource gaps including those of equipment or technology that are not being filled, and the reasons thereof.
  9. These gaps will be slated to be filled as a matter of priority.
  10. Knowledge gaps, gaps in personnel, budget and equipment gaps would be identified to create solutions and strategies for rapid advancement.
  11. Knowledge and talent gaps would open to be filled through talent acquisition globally; the country would take steps to bring in the best talent from anywhere in the world, with priority given to those of Indian descent who are at the forefront of their research areas, but foreign talent would be sought if Indian talent is not easily available.
  12. The public-sector defense research groups would thus be strengthened through induction of those are at more advanced stages of their respective fields than may be the case with in-house groups.
  13. All engineers and tech personnel recruited internationally who are non-Indian, or not descended from Indian parentage, would be offered Indian residency and citizenship
  14. They would be offered compensation packages that would include lifestyle enhancement elements including personal staff such as chauffer’s, house help, comfortable accommodation lodgings resulting in high lifestyles with income that would fuel high savings and personal liquidity.
  15. Such international high-end inductees would also be given tax advantages as incentive package to shift work and residence to India.
  16. They may apply for residence and citizenship for immediate families.
  17. Audit Boards will identify the holes in talent, equipment and infrastructure that may be negatively impacting on research within the Defense PSU’s.
  18. The Administration Staff would be thoroughly evaluated, and those identified as inefficient, causes of delay points, corrupt or otherwise not adding to the strength of the organization that, by definition, must have the best talent and most efficient bureaucracy functioning within it, would be made redundant.
  19. Intellectual Property developed within these research groups would be held jointly by the research groups, the Indian nation and the private sector approved investors in ratios and on terms that are set and decided in due course.

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