Downsizing of Government and Bureaucracy – Narrative .


All governments since independence have taken to winning vote banks, often above getting the job done to move the nation and its people to position of strength across all fronts. Government servants have also been used as vote banks, not servants of the public, and stemming from this attitude, all governments have been soft on them, so they can bank their votes.

This story has led to more and more government employees, doing and delivering less and less. This story plays out in all government departments and jobs. This has contributed to an increasingly bloated bureaucracy. Too many in many instances, and too few in others, probably such as the IAS.

It is an established and known fact that many government servants, including at lower levels, are running their businesses or have other jobs, while collecting salaries from the government by marking attendance, and sliding off for the day. The work culture in government departments is abdominal; staff work to a minimalist story, hang the public or national interest. The vast majority work hardly at all.

It is the positon of the Rising India Party that government can be significantly downsized without impacting on its performance. In fact, it needs to be down sized and built back up again based on a thorough analysis of workloads versus staffing levels to lift the quality of staff and performances to levels that are required by the nation and the public.

This situation needs to be fixed as soon as possible and The Rising India        Party commits to downsizing government with a sensible data driven, analytic approach to evaluating all current staff, starting top down. No doubt, the task is gigantic, but it needs to be tackled head on without excuses or softness when it come to the national and public interest. The following is laid down for the public to consider and decide upon:

  1. The Audit Board Groups set up to audit various government departments and personnel running these, will identify the excess staffing where so ever it exists as well as “dead wood” staff in the departments who could be put on the redundancy list.
  2. The government will create opportunities through policies, for government staff who have been brought into the redundancy net in public sector undertakings and or in various government departments to opt of voluntary retirement.
  3. The staff taking up voluntary retirement would get golden handshakes subject to their declaring under the amnesty all illegitimate earnings or asset acquisition during and due to their government service tenures.
  4. The government would assist those who have not already developed businesses in their families, consequent to their government service, to set up their businesses if they so apply.
  5. The essential underlying philosophy would be to create entrepreneurial opportunities for such staff to create small businesses from those services that the government is going to hive off into fully private sector or public -private sector frame of operation.
  6. The people who have being made redundant will each of them will be investigated with the view to assess the following:


  1. If they have built up personal wealth through their total time spent with the government. In case they have, they can take advantage of the re-monetization amnesty these staff will be subject to prosecution.
  2.  If they have declared under the amnesty scheme and have set up enterprises with the family or within the family whether its small enterprises or mid-level or even large ones during  their government of public service. 
  3. These people will be treated differently in that on psychological profiling and investigation through psychometric testing and the polygraph assisted interviews; if these people are found to be fundamentally sound, and having a degree of personal integrity; they would be incorporated into the new development narrative as private citizens or as continuing public service.
  4.  There are also a large number of government staff from the lowest level - up who have misused government service in marking attendances and then carrying on with businesses or second jobs or thirds jobs in the private sector.
  5. All such staff if they have not declared their connivance of their wrong doing under the amnesty scheme and are further identified as defaulters, will be immediately made redundant, terminated and prosecuted.
  6. Prosecution moves could include confiscation of their assets and put them in hard labor or social work or in separate open jails or get them to serve terms in hard labor work such as road work and other necessary infrastructure projects.
  7.  Downsizing of the government would be a priority to bring down the wage cost that would be done with sensitivity in a manner where none of the people who are been let go in principle would suffer loss of livelihood through the above means.
  8. Should there be individuals who have been completely honest and have not been corrupt would get pride of place and be assessed for capability to perform bigger roles in public service.
  9. The corrupt who disclose all they know of people they’ve worked with, and / or processes of corruption within their work and knowledge domains shall be treated sympathetically and leniently.
  10. Those government servants who have come clean and demonstrate genuine desire to amend their practices would be slotted for the re-training, and redeploemnt, if required and for higher responsibilities all within the governance system.
  11. All staff would be put through a psychometric assessment and polygraph assisted interviews as part of the process wherein they are individually assessed for their future placements.

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