Economy and Jobs – Narrative .


Traditional industrial and post-industrial revolution job creation industries such as manufacturing, mining, infrastructure building, on which most nation’s job creation story rested over the past more than a hundred years, have all evolved into mechanization and automation story, thus reducing the job creation opportunities across the board such that there is jobless growth storyline at play today, and especially in countries still industrializing and developing.

Even farming has become highly mechanized in the western world, and indeed, has moved in that direction in India too. The only aspect that has somewhat lessened the mechanization of Indian farming is the small land-holdings in the country, but the move to increasing mechanization is well underway and is virtually unstoppable.

Given this 21st century reality, where the workplace and jobs are now being further attacked with lightning speed by the roll out of high-tech, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation that has created an economic scenario of job shrinkage that no world government is addressing; leave aside the Indian government, which appears comatose in every way except that of spinning yarns to the public; there is no hope at all that the current or any future Indian government by any combination of current Indian political parties will have the wherewithal of putting in place policies or bring in an economy growth frame that would have the capacity and capability of tackling the huge young work force entering the economy each year.

In fact, there is no depth of thinking or care amongst the politicians and bureaucrats to aggressively tackle the growing problems of a growing work force and unemployable youth. The consequent stress and threat perception amongst the population of finding work to keep their family’s heads above water, is on the increase and there is increasing sense of desperation in the wider populace. This in turn is increasing propensity to crime throughout India, and society is taking on an ugly hue.

The fact is that there are many areas that lend themselves to be enablers for massive job creation in the country. The Indian civilization has always had at its core the service culture; witness the ancient statement, that a guest or visitor is God, and should be so treated. The other inherent strength lies in India’s arts and crafts, that are being savaged and decimated due to total lack of care or awareness even of these generational skills that are fast disappearing or languishing at best.

Other areas that are within the ambit of large number of job creation domain are the health care sector, costal industries, mountain industries, infrastructure development that in any case is a huge need, and of course in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The Rising India Party is committed to tackling each of these areas in a focused manner with the introduction of Policies designed for rapidly creating and sustaining jobs across sectors across the nations socio-economic life cycle.

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