Economy – Fast Track Rural Development Development of Villages, Rural Areas and Agriculture Policy .


The state of play at most of the over 6 lakh villages, and their agriculture and rural economy, is depressing or patchy at best. Many of these villages comprise of tiny land holdings that are unviable as economic units individually, and provide bare sustenance to their owners. Broadly, the socio-economic frame of our villages is still one where there would be a couple of well to do “landlord” type families followed by small land holders wherein with each succeeding generation the land holding becomes even smaller, followed by the landless.

Within this narrative, the vast majority of smaller land-holders and the landless are stuck in the quagmire of extreme poverty and hopelessness while the richer “landlords” families continue to progress as they have access to both education and government patronage. Often these will be part of the local panchayat and / or other official bodies. In this situation, there is almost a vested interest to keep the poor from progressing. In the mix, the caste story does not help at all.

All efforts by successive governments to address this sector of our socio-economic standard have centered around one kind of hand-out or subsidy or the other. None of these efforts make any real, long lasting dent in the basic poverty paradigm; they just become vote catching tricks and lull the poor into a state of permanent lethargy. No movement, no progress, just more status quo. This has to change, and rapidly so, if the nation has to emerge as a true powerhouse on the world stage.

In theory, if we were to take a holistic and co-operative-corporate approach to the management of such village, or village-cluster units, there are ready solutions available that, if accepted, and implemented will, literally overnight, change the village and consequently rural development dynamic to one where prosperity and progress touch absolutely everyone, the rich “landlord” to the poor landless family, and this would start to be felt within one year of implementation of the framed policy of The Rising India Party that is tabled for the public to evaluate, consider and vote upon.

The suggested Policy framework for the uplifting our rural sector, agriculture and villages, would create huge opportunities for our entrepreneurs, including for our educated unemployed youth; and would get them on the development band-wagon of the country to create wealth and opportunity across a very wide spectrum of the Indian population.

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