Economy - Industry and Manufacturing – Reset Moves .

Since independence, the ruling and governing story in so far as industry in India plays out; and one that has determined the speed and quality of India’s industrial and economic growth, stems from every government’s attitude, since independence, that with industry it is an opposing and constricting “us versus them” narrative; and actions stemming from it are thus truly remarkable in how miserable they can make every business and entrepreneur feel and how negatively it has impacted on India’s growth and global power story.

The Rising India Party takes the position that it is possible to take a quantum leap, in a very short timeframe, in acquiring technology, engineering and industrial capability by setting up a Policy framework that is designed to free up Indian Industry from all constraints except those of national and public interest and social responsibility, and to tap into the Indian genius and wealth available locally and within the Diaspora. The government would create major incentives to bring into focus and forefront all available resources and tech-industrial capacity, to build the new India and bring back into focus its core civilizational message, along the lines set out below for the Public of India to consider and vote upon, as set out below:

  1. On winning elections, The Rising India Party will suspend all current laws and rules governing the setting up and operating of industries in India that have been set up over the past numerous governments, and that are in place, for a 12-18-month review and re-set period.
  2. This would be done with the view to undertaking a line by line review of policies in-place and to identify those that are restrictive, redundant and counter-productive, with the view to replacing these with one’s that provide the freedom, and functional and operational space, to quickly enable our entrepreneurs and their industries to become world leaders in technology and a manufacturing powerhouse and supplier to the world.
  3. The government would set up Audit Boards to undertake a line by line within timeframes with the Groups functioning in a two-shift mode, if required,
  4. These Groups would review all current policies with the aim to abandoning all those that are responsible for constraining our businesses and industry.
  5. The government would set up Policy Plans Boards to come up with policies that would give incentives and free space to operate along the lines set out below.
  6. The personnel selected to form these groups would be a mix of government staff and individuals / groups drawn from the wider sectors including the private sector in a 40%- 60% ratio in favor of the wider sectors. This is essential for depth and impartial assessment / action always in the wider public interest.
  7. The fundamental narrative would be built around the following moves and polices:
  8. The government would form Industry Cluster Groups of people drawn from such sectors to examine the particular activity holistically
  9. Establish linkages between sectors, and arrive at policy suggestions that would make it possible for each cluster group to move rapidly to compete with the most advanced in the world and especially China.
  10. These groups would examine all parameters and inputs that are needed for Indian industries to become the most competitive and quality-producers in the world in every target area.
  11. Implementation Boards would be set up to ensure that plans agreed upon are implemented expeditiously and smoothly.
  12. The current Labor Laws and policies of the Indian government help neither the Labour force nor Indian industries.
  13. Both have been set up in an adversarial position and in the process successive governments have only succeeded in creating bottlenecks for attracting investment while making our industries non-competitive.
  14. Consequently, the labour force is mostly miserable and not sharing in the growth story, and those industries that are being set up are pre-programming a low labour force engagement adding to the job-less growth story.
  15. This must change and is discussed at length under Labour Laws and Policies.
  16. A re-writing of the labour-industry relationship frame; the rights and obligations of both toward each other is a well-defined policy objective of The Rising India Party.

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