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The Indian economy, and civilization, needs to once again become the Lead Modern Economy and Bankers to the world; and its lead inspirational civilization; as it was for thousands of years right up to, only 250 or so years ago. The Indian civilizational narrative, was deliberately as a matter of policy, and aggressively swept under the carpet, and ignored by the West. Britain led this policy and, Spain, Portugal, France followed, and they were all here competing against each other for a slice of the pie; wealth and knowledge, and got large dollops of both. Of course the British won the largest slice of the ancient wealth and knowledge cake.

The Indian civilization was not taught in schools, nor much talked about within their own societies even as they were rising through the industrial revolution and beyond over the past couple of centuries, as they gleaned immense wealth and knowledge from India and China. Wealth and knowledge that fueled and largely funded the industrial revolution. Relative to the state of affairs back home in their countries, such was their awe of the civilizations they encountered, they decided to ignore it and not inform their own populations. They needed their populations to feel superior, hence the fiction they created to their own people, that they civilized us, when it was exactly the opposite that happened.                                                                                                            

They were emerging from the dark ages, around the 11th-12th centuries, through the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Images surviving from that era are of its population un-washed, raggedly clothed, dirt poor with hardly an idea where their next meal was coming from; and certainly, no idea of the fineries and opulence we were enjoying for thousands of years in our Palaces and fine homes over the centuries, except through the Roman and Greek civilizations, which in turn formed the basis of the Western civilization and which, drew their inspiration and sustenance from the Indian civilization and its areas of influence, including Persia and beyond. Don’t forget, Aristotle was Alexander the Great’s teacher who in turn was taught by Socrates and Pluto who were inspired by our thinkers and education system, and said so in their conversations and writings.

India needs to move to center stage, as the sensible, sober, inclusive world leader to help solve its huge stresses and problems that the world is facing in the 21st century. India needs to serve as a reminder to the world of an ancient and different civilizational narrative of co-existence and non-violence and prosperity minus threat and stress, that is so necessary and relevant in this century where people all over the world are stressed out and living under constant threat of one kind or another, in a killed or be killed narrative, now being pushed so subtly and yet aggressively by our, now Godless neighbor, China.

In the process of resetting its own economy, laws, and rules of governance, India will end up setting the standard that changes the world economic and social order and paradigm. Through the simple means of the country setting its own economic framework and economic laws that are not the construct of western economists or thought leaders, but ours, built to our needs; laws rooted in the civilizational narrative of India and systems built on the platform of inclusive development and open opportunities to all segments of society, it will set an example that the people of the world will want to emulate. We knew how to do it thousands of years ago, and we know how to do it now, without the foreigner telling us what socio-economic laws and systems of governance need to be deployed for our good.

Ours has always been an economic system that is derived and exemplified in the functioning and philosophy of the joint family system, wherein the weaker members of the family are provided for and carried, to an extent, on the shoulders of the strongest members of the family. This paradigm extended across the entire society and civilization that was, and is, India.

In that by-gone, but still somewhat surviving narrative in many parts of India and its old families; if, of five brothers, two are weak, the capacities and earnings of the three stronger ones protected the life and baseline lifestyle of the two weaker ones, in a spirit of giving and humility. The fundamental design of this system is both capitalist and socialist, at the same time; social responsibility at its best and as relevant, if not more so, today as it was for thousands of years.

Under this system, the making of money, the creating of wealth is encouraged, even as equally, is encouraged the responsibility of carrying those that are weaker by the stronger; ergo, today’s corporate social responsibility paradigm.

All wealth that was ever created in the world, was produced as a consequence of the development of a land mass and its people. The latest example is the wealth creation in the United States of America. Furthermore, all serious or large wealth that was ever created was largely due to the largess or sanction or projects of the government of the day and was almost always, derived from the people of the area.

Thus, huge wealth creation through infrastructure projects, mining, land leases, land banking for town ship development, all of which require government sanction; masses of people buying products or services of various companies, intellectual property developed and delivered by various individuals to employing companies, though they have no ownership of their own brains or ideas; that is the essence of the current western capitalist system ruling us.


No individual has the right or should have the power to decide the fates of the vast multitudes without them having a say that is the essential democratic idea.

The rising India Party derives its inspiration from this ancient civilizational model and narrative in designing the Indian economy and its economic laws in and for the 21st century. These laws and systems would create threat and stress-free public environments and are designed to be extremely lucrative for all socio-economic segments; are fair, and working for the interests of all segments of the Indian population. 

The Rising India Party has a great vision and passion for leading and being part of re-creating a society that is Free; free of stress, free of threat, free in thought, free in speech; excepting speech advocating and promoting socio-religious hate mongering, or advocating separatism over inclusion amongst different socio-economic-religious groups present in India.

We have always been Free in Spirit and free as Societies ruled by Philosopher Kings and wisdom driven governance for many millennia.

The people of the Indian Sub-continent are all descended from the same ancient gene pool and stock that comprises the Indian sub-continent population of more than 7000 years, regardless of the current religious or other persuasion. This is the core civilizational narrative of this great area known as India, and this cannot be swept aside as if it doesn’t exist. Not by China, not by the West, certainly not by our own People.

The country must move to whatever-it-takes-to-get-the-job-done mode of operation, when it comes to getting the country moving fast in every direction within laws and systems that make it easy to get things done. This alone will act as an economic booster, the likes of which would have never been seen

The Indian people inherent genius needs to be unleashed, with only the minimal restraints. Those restraints that need to be written in laws based on firm principles of fairness, equality of justice for all, equitable socio-economic structure, laws built around and within “the nature of nature” narrative; that you may not harm another human being, you need to be prepared to work out your differences of opinions, life styles, beliefs in open and pro-active debate and discussions. Non-violence is the inherent civilizational trait and must be practiced even as the nation takes aggressive steps to garner military strength to cope with the fast-growing threat on our borders, stemming out of vast and increasing superiority of the military narrative of our “friendly” neighbor China.

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