Electoral Reform and Political Party Funding Policy – Narrative .


The Political process at present in India is very opaque. The public is unaware of the structures or funding mechanisms and sources of political parties. They are unaware of their or Policy positions, except as these are framed and / or projected during elections; and that too through slogans and promises, that are often dumped after winning elections. This ends up creating a situation where there is zero public accountability of Political parties, except to the extent that the party may lose an election. This is hindering the creation of a fair, transparent polity, and has caused tremendous damage to the Indian nation and its people, who fundamentally, are fed up, frustrated and helpless.

Electoral and Party funding is one of the biggest issues and problem; one that blocks the cleaning up of the political system that is flooded with black money or unaccounted cash. All Political parties without exception serve as black money washers or launderers. All political leaders hide behind the need to collect money for fighting elections as a key excuse for corruption and unsavory practices. The entire bureaucrat and governance system runs to this black underlay of Indian socio-economic-political life; and there is no end in sight.

Political leaders who came from humble, even extremely poor families and backgrounds are amongst the richest individuals and families in India today. Political leaders hide behind the fake story, and mask of collecting vast amounts of cash shown as small donations from a very large number of fake party members or untraceable, undocumented public donors.

No one has the means to verify these claims, including with the election commission; even if the election commission had the guts, and will, to do so. Given that these are open secrets, and the election commission are run by civil servants’ dependent upon and beholden to their political masters, and the government of the day, there is no way that this story will end anytime under the present crop of politicians, bureaucrats and their cronies.

 Then there is the industrialist and business tycoon operating under a system where there is no way they can grow without political patronage. This gives rise to vested interest and vested money that buys politicians and bureaucrat loyalties, and cumulatively it all leads to the ocean of corruption and black money that is Indian civilization today. This turns national or wider public interest on its head, in a never-ending cycle, even as the public get more and more fed up with the shoddy deal they constantly and consistently get dealt with. The Rising India Party is committed to end this story once and for all through transparent, open Policy Framework put before the public in depth and in detail, on the basis of which the Indian public can hold it to account.

It would be fair to state that Governments in democracies all over the world have abrogated their responsibilities and obligations to the people who elect them, rather, they pander to the interests of those who fund them. In the western world, those funding the politicians and political parties on both sides of the aisle, are the same fifteen, twenty families; which means that the real rulers of the world, the owners of banks, corporates, military-industrial complexes are the same and democracy has been captured and suborned by a few exceedingly powerful individuals, the real rulers of the world. In and for India, The Rising India Party is committed to change this narrative for our civilizational nation, where there is a very tiny window, perhaps for the God consciousness to slip through; perhaps; the world will follow. This situation has to be struck out of the political system and discourse in one fell swoop.

Once elected, the Rising India Party will move appropriate constitutional amendments to the election laws to bring about the much-needed changes to the nation’s political discourse and functioning in an above-board manner. This would be achieved through absolute transparency of party functioning, accountability to the Indian Public, rules-based funding and regulating and cleaning up of the manner political parties are run and work with regard to the political processes and elections.

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