Environment – Policy Framework .

The Rising India Party, recognizing the extreme urgency of the environmental degradation of India and its impact on its citizens and on all living beings residing in the nation, undertakes to aggressively move to fix the causes that are at work that effect the environmental conditions in the nation through a set of Policies and moves as contoured below for the citizens of India to consider and vote upon. These Policy moves would quickly evolve through further inputs from knowledgeable and experienced citizens and professionals once these are published in the public domain, given that this is an open, live, evolving document built in the best interests of the people of India. Please consider:

  1. The Rising India Party, on winning elections, would move to consolidate various Ministries such as the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change; Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation; Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, and others that fall within the consolidated and overarching narrative of the Environment.
  2. This move would be aimed at rationalizing these individual ministries into one consolidated body that would function to a common goal, to interlinked policy initiatives
  3. The new consolidated Ministry would have sub-sections or working Groups for various areas, each linked to the other, and functioning as one whole and reporting to one overarching Ministerial Board, within a common Policy framework.
  4. Staff, including civil servants would be rationalized and consolidated within the new overarching ministry, eliminating those positions that would become redundant, and freeing staff for re-deployment elsewhere.
  5. The government would induct staff from the wider private sector including from corporates, academia, overseas talent into the new ministry architecture, including limited tenure and part-time appointments as required to ensure the best and widest possible experience, thought narrative and intelligence is brought to bear to ensure the best, most workable, and cost-efficient solutions are brought to the fore.
  6. The government would set up Audit Boards for each of the current functioning ministries tasked to identify wastages, inefficiencies including those of systems and of the human resource through a line by line audit of the rule books and laws governing the functioning of these ministries with the view of designing new functional structures, rules and laws.
  7. The government would set up Plans Boards to function in tandem with the Audit Boards tasked to put together workable solutions, the core of which are set forth in this document, and to re-set the organizational architecture and the rules and laws governing the same.
  8. The ministry and each sub-section would have public oversight inbuilt into the architecture such that the new bureaucracy does not, and cannot function in isolation to the public and national interest it serves.
  9. The entire architecture would function to time lined deliverables for various initiatives to get the national problems related to the environment and public life on the move and done.
  10. Policy initiatives suggested by The Rising India Party would include those discussed herein-under.
  11. Public Private partnerships would be emphasized to carry out the deliverables of the projects set up to bring about the required conditions for cleaning and maintaining the environment; in the process creating huge economic, business and enterpriser opportunities for and within the nation.

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