Foreign Policy – Neighbourhood (Sub-continent Federation) .

  1. Indian Foreign Policy interplay with the world must begin with a Core Focus on its immediate neighborhood, the essential character of which has been laid out in the Narrative above.
  2. From there, it needs to be expanding outward in concentric circles, taking in the world powers in a holistic manner such that the energy and investment put into these relationships gives best results for India, even as they contribute positively to improving the Global diplomatic and inter-regional, inter-national dialogue for the betterment of all the peoples of the globe.
  3. It must be a core aim of India that its weight in global affairs is such that its contribution must be sought and looked up to; and this will so be once we fix our own internal weaknesses and shortcomings.
  4. It is well established fact that the influence any country exerts in the world is directly proportional to its economy, industrial base, scientific prowess, technology and military strength. However, India has something no one else can claim; the strength of its inclusive civilization and spiritual narrative, which it needs to bring into full force in its diplomatic and inter-regional, inter-national discourse and interplay.
  5. This would have the power to change the way the world is run, even as India develops its economy, industrial capability, science, technology and armed forces.
  6. The Rising India Party has put forward key Policy proposals to get the nation’s economy and related capabilities moving upwards swiftly, its armed forces improved quickly, and its civilization strength brought into play in the region and the world.
  7. This will most certainly contribute positively to India’s Foreign Policy initiatives. The whole narrative needs to move in Sync to a tune unique to India and its Core Interests.
  8. We are living in unstable, disturbed and stressed societies in the entire region that constitutes the geographic area that is the landmass of the ancient Indian Sub-Continental Civilization, and our own nation is experiencing increased stress and threat due to the myopic vote-catching policies of all our political parties in operation in the country.
  9. The landmass of the ancient sub-continental civilization, now comprises Afghanistan (Hindu-Kush mountains from where the word Hindu comes), Pakistan (artificially created without any referendum to fulfil the geo-political aims of Britain (Anglo-Saxon Powers) to split pre-independence united India into small States and consequently weaken its people and their capacity for Global influence); Bangladesh (formerly East-Pakistan, splintered by India-Pakistan war of 1971, and part of united Bengal Province).
  10. In addition, the Sub-continental civilization comprises Tibet (now force-occupied and force-absorbed by China); Nepal (moving into the Chinese sphere of influence and carrying huge anti-India sentiment amongst its political class who fuel it amongst the people for votes), Bhutan (the only nation where one can still taste of the original deep Indian Himalayan Civilizational narrative in the manner of life lived, culture, interface with each-other, and with nature); Sri Lanka (has moved into the Chinese sphere of influence) and carrying anti-India sentiment amongst its politicians and civil servants.
  11. Sri Lanka, is very much part of the ancient Indian civilization and an integral part of its pre-historic folklore. In fact, there are clear evidences of advanced human life going back over 125,000 years ago, one of the most ancient visible proof of the Indian sub-continental civilizational narrative and history. India, should be proud of the neighboring nation State, and helpful in its modern ambitions.
  12. The socio-economic-political narrative of all these nations are driven by a common sob-continental narrative. They are run by very small coteries of politicians and bureaucrats who are in the exact same spot as those in India; one of corruption, using State power for personal benefit, sold-out to third powers, and not caring for the true interests of their people’s development and well-being, just personal wealth and power.
  13. The people of all these nations are fundamentally fed up with the state of affairs and remain victims of their systems which, incidentally are the same as those in India; complete with the laws, rule books and bureaucracies left-overs of the British Raj, no change!
  14. The Rising India Party takes the position that the people of these lands and nations would like nothing better than to live in peace and amity, be part of a larger development story and would like to be able to move freely within the sub-continent free of borders and restriction of doing business, jobs or even living where they wish.
  15. However, the vested interests of foreign powers whose interest is to keep the area destabilized, local politicians, bureaucrats, Army (in the case of Pakistan) and some powerful wealthy families of these nations, would not permit such conversations or reality to evolve.
  16. In any event, any conversation of this nature, by definition, has to be initiated by India, the largest of these nations in land-mass, population and economy.
  17. The Rising India Party is proposing radical Policies aimed to change the entire geo-political narrative of the neighborhood for the cumulative benefit of all of the peoples of the area.
  18. However, for India to announce and implement these would require broad-based support from the citizens of India without which no such moves can be made due to the nature of these proposals that would impact on our national life, which in the view of The Rising India party would be a huge game changer for positive change and benefit of all.
  19. The Rising India Party would carry out a referendum seeking the Indian citizen’s perspective and permission for such a Policy to come into force.
  20. The Rising India Party would go for a referendum before the people of India and only if a majority lead-margin of more than 10% of YES vote is obtained will these become Policy for Implementation.
  21. The Rising India Party takes the position that lasting peace and prosperity in our sub-continent and amongst its Nation States, can only come about with the proposals that are laid out; and that there are absolutely No Other Alternatives.
  22. Without doubt, these proposals will raise a howl of outrage from the entrenched vested interests, especially the extreme hate-filled religious leaders and their followers; but The Rising India Party, takes the position that the vast majority of the people of India, and indeed the peoples of the neighboring Nations that were carved out of India, would support these proposals and see the good sense of making this happen.
  23. The Rising India Party is confident that majority people of other countries of the sub-continent would support and welcome these proposals and initiatives of India and pressure their own governments to support these.
  24. This would radically change the Geo-Political discourse in the sub-continent and push back the interfering influences of inimical foreign powers such as China, U.S., and others whose abiding interest is to keep tensions high the nations of the sub-continent weak and everlastingly dependent, non-players on the Global power scene.
  25. These initiatives would take the steam and force out the manipulation of foreign powers, of and in the area, and leave the people to sort out their own affairs between them such that all interests are managed to everyone’s satisfaction within democratic discourse.
  26. Those opposing these initiatives would be unable to resist such a narrative unfolding with the vast majority of the people of the sub-continent supporting these initiatives; that is inevitable.
  27. The following neighborhood Policy Initiatives / Proposals are set out below for the Indian citizens to consider, debate and vote upon prior to them becoming national policy, and prior to being rolled out in the region as firm proposals.
  28. These proposals are based on the fact that there is more that is common amongst the people of the sub-continent than otherwise.
  29. That the people of the area are descended from common gene stock and blood lines, meaning they all have common ancestors is known to all and is a glue that can quickly bring people back to co-operative, peaceful coexistence.
  30. The common civilizational forces and factors govern the way of life, thought processes, psychology, social interface etc. of the people of the sub-continent is commonly accepted.
  31. If the people were living in a border-free environment they would largely be enjoying prosperity and sorting out what ever issues arose amongst themselves, would be sorting these democratically without external interference to hamper their lives, is a dream of many.
  32. The Rising India Party proposes that India take the lead in proposing to the people and Nation States of the Sub-Continent to come together to form THE FEDERATION OF THE INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT comprising Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar.
  33. Such a Federation would be similar to the European Union, except that the population and resource base of the Federation would be far higher than that of the EU and it would immediately become a world force influencing the Global narrative like none other, including that of the Anglo-Saxon powers and now, China who is on the prowl for empire.
  34. That is exactly what these powers wish deeply to avoid and that is exactly why they are constantly funding and fueling the forces of hate, separation and disruption through every fractured group including the various separation and hate-preaching Mullahs, Bhais, Pandts and Priests of all persuasions; and keeping the state of perpetual conflict alive in our Nation States.
  35. Without such a move, the permanent state of conflict that has stalked the region since independence will always be maintained, even if the excuse of Kashmir, that is projected as the so called chief cause of India-Pakistan conflict is removed.
  36. Within the present political and geo-political dispensation, there will never be peace because it will never be allowed; the state of conflict is essential for the vested powers to maintain power and control of their populations.
  37. There is no other solution before the people of the region that will bring about peace and self-fueling, self-reliant development for the people or the Nation States of this great civilization, who are at constant loggerhead against each other, all fueled by foreign powers, and corrupt internal politicians and power brokers. 
  38. The current path is a sure dive into eventual mutual destruction that no one other than the foreign powers will enjoy and benefit from. That is a simple undeniable fact, and the sooner the vast public becomes alive and active to change this story, the better for them and everyone else living in the region.
  39. There are no Houris waiting in the afterlife for those who preach hate and kill in the name of the Almighty, that is certain! The Almighty rests and lives in all, without exception! That is the core message of the great ancient Indian civilization!!

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