Himalayan and other Mountain Range River Beds .

One of India’s core national wealth is the Himalayan range. India’s rivers and

water system originates largely in the Himalayas. The mountain range is sprinkled heavily with water ravines and river beds that run dry after the monsoons or snow melts are over and remain dry in their “off-season”.

On the other hand, vast populated areas of the Himalayan range are and remain without adequate water, certainly for agriculture, due to lack of ground water availability in mountainous geography, lack of water storage capacity as no government has bothered to build these and the conditions remain fairly primitive for the population forcing them to move to the plains and in the process resulting in depressed economic development.

Our grandest resource, one that has great capacity for economic contribution to the GDP is ignored and put in the too-hard basket by our politicians. The Rising India Party government will fix these quickly and efficiently.

  1. The government would move to quickly build water storage capacity on the seasonal riverbeds by the simple strategy of digging river-bed water tanks at appropriate intervals such that when the monsoon water is flowing, these tanks fill up from which water can be pumped up to the area villages for agriculture or drinking.
  2. The quantum of such storage capacities would be worked out to ensure that downstream ecology is not disturbed or damaged in any way.
  3. The government would work with all States in whose domains Himalayan territories fall and help in designing and building water storage and management systems at places where there are population clusters, no matter how small, such that the economies of these territories are made to come alive.
  4. Such water storage and food storage facilities will also be constructed where the India Armed Forces presence may be required at short notice.
  5. Public-Private partnership models would be used to bring about this development need
  6. Private investment would be considered to speed up this need on the basis of allotting hotel and tourism land on lease for commercial development that would bring employment and economic benefit to the areas.
  7. The government would also consider private companies or investment consortiums to undertake these projects of nation building on fast-track basis.  
  8. Local entrepreneurs would be given preference over outsiders or alternatively, local businessmen should be a part of any consortium or company taking up these projects.
  9. This should diffuse any resistance to such development projects as local participation would create local wealth even while it gives opportunities to national enterprises to participate in nation-building and wealth creation.


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