Implementation Groups .

Would be tasked with implanting Plans and decisions arrived at by the Thought Leader groups in tandem with the Plans Board Groups

These Shall be extensions of the Plans Board Groups with the core task of implementing and / or overseeing the implementation of        decisions taken at the Plans Board Core Group Level.

Implementation Groups, essentially, Executive Groups shall be formed as sub-groups for each area of implementation requirement.

Sub groups for Project implementation of nominated and connected down the line to the all related structural mirror images of the Plans Board Groups.

Implementation Groups, like the Plans Board Groups would be furthe formed as:

            Regional - Implementation Board
            State - Implementation Board
            District - Implementation Board
            Village or Village Cluster, Implementation Board

            or as deemed appropriate by the Central Core Groups.

These Groups would be tasked to Implement Plans for their Regions or Areas or connect with various government bodies who are implementing government policies to ensure that these are actually delivering to the target groups and not carrying out paper exercises while siphoning off allotted funds and resources into politician- bureaucrat pockets.

They Shall mirror the architecture led by the Plans Board Group with the difference that people inducted at this level would have practical experience in their respective fields and whose psychological profile is based around being Implementations

They would have a clear sense of emerging and current socio-economic-geopolitical trends and including a sense of new emerging technologies, and their potential impact on society, such that they can feed the Plans Board Groups to both cope with the emerging and changing landscape as relevant and ensure up-down line awareness to the needs of Indian society and its development.

Implementation Groups would sit within but separated from the Plans Board Groups so as to keep the Plans Board Groups updated on the impact of Policies at the grassroots and public level.

The effectiveness of Implementation of various Government of the day’s programs, those parts that are appreciated by the public and those that cause frictions, dis-satisfaction and negative energy churn within the Public at various segments and levels at any given point of time, shall be monitored and fed into the Implementation Board Groups by the Audit Board Groups such that there is continuous evaluation and oversight of all the work that the party organs carry out as well as thoseof the government of the day.

The Party Governance system is designed to be Objective, Unbiased and Just so as to ensure that there is at least a three-level  accountability and oversight of all the processes of Party functioning at each stage and echelon of its functioning.

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