Incentivising the Police Force .

  1. The compensation that the Police force is paid is not commensurate with the power and responsibility that it carries. This situation needs to be rectified, as is the case with the entire bureaucracy can be done without vastly increasing the salary burden on the national and state exchequers in a holistic incentive driven policy frame and is proposed as under:
  2. The government would move to reorient the current bribe driven police environment into a public-pay special services package including but not limited to fast track services, and reward paid into a Police Incentive Fund (PIF)
  3. The details of the incentive policy will need to be worked through and also the sources of funds collection, but for example, in the case of traffic or fines for petty offences, a percentage of the collection, say 25%, could be channeled into the PIF.
  4. Other sources can include a percentage of recovered property to be paid by the property owner who lost it or suffered theft of it.
  5. Family disputes settled within the domain of the police could attract fees that can be charged from those able to afford to pay while the service remain free for the poor below declared income thresholds.
  6. The PIF would be used to pay out exceptional service bonuses, education scholarships or subsidies for children of police personnel, soft loans for buying houses and other schemes so decided upon.
  7. Other thoughts to be added as appropriate.


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