Indian Foreign Policy – for the Sub-continental Civilization – Narrative .


The Indian public needs to wake up and consider the following facts in order to assess if its governments have done the right thing by the nation and its people in so far as the nation’s foreign interface is concerned. The facts stated below are ones that need to be kept in view while framing the nation’s foreign policy by any government, given the tremendous internal influence and implications for the nations socio-economic-geopolitical health and the well-being of its people that depend on any nations foreign policy narrative.

Till now, the Indian Foreign Policy is essentially rooted in perceptional soft-reality rather than hard-reality of the socio-economic-geopolitical-military-industrial-complex power projection that is the true nature of the world. This has been the case in the rise and rise of the Anglo-Saxon power over the past 400 or so years. The development-explosion of the industrial revolution spring-board jumped the Anglo-Saxon-European-Western civilization penetration and dominance of the world.

The coming of the United States, populated by the Anglo-Europeans gave a huge heft to the development of western hard-power projection everywhere. By the sixties, the U.S. accounted for almost 54% of the global GDP; it became the leader in every sphere, economy, industrial activity, education, technology, building, and military might. It used its heft the world over, and when the U.S. sneezed, the world caught cold. The two blocks that emerged post second world war, the capitalist west and the socialist-communist East led by Russia / Soviet Union were at perennial logger-heads and the intense cold-war that ensued pretty much decided the way countries leaned.

India, under congress and Nehru chose the middle path of non-alignment, and became a leader of the non-aligned movement to which a number of low-income countries subscribed to escape from the predatory power narrative that stalked the world. Indian non-alignment did not go down well with the Anglo powers and caused the withholding of money, technology and support in many forums. Pakistan, carved out of India due to the Anglo-powers geo-political compulsions, became a “client” state of the West, who manipulated the socio-economic-psychological-military-government story of Pakistan. Military rule was encouraged and even programed in the manner in which Pakistan was run and it was supplied with large dollops of aid, military equipment, training and so on.

The core strategy of the departing Anglo-Saxon power, the British, was to Balkanize India from the very start, for a fragmented India would never amount to much, and its civilizational pull and soft-power would be nullified forever. Witness the independence agreement and declaration that was framed by the British after it ensured the division of the country along religious lines in the creation of Pakistan; selling the story to Muslims, that they would never have power of any kind in India. Simply put, the agreement of independence stated that India would be divided into two States, India and Pakistan and that the Princely States; the Rajas and Maharajas, could choose either to join Pakistan, or India; or they could stay independent! A broken India was built into the agreement.

The intent always was that India would be a fractured, splintered entity / area. What the British did not count upon was Sardar Patel, who single-handedly clubbed the Princely States into joining the Indian union offering Privy Purses, retention of titles and their estates; on the pain of facing the Indian army. Such was the impact of this quickly moving scenario, as all of this happened within three months of independence, that the departed British power was shocked. Its counter thrust was to get Pakistani army regulars to invade Kashmir, whose Maharajah had been vacillating on signing the instrument of ascension, but signed up even as the invasion was underway. The Pakistani army almost reached Srinagar.

The move was pure British strategy. Remember, the Chief of Staff of the Pakistan army at the time the invasion was conceived and carried out was a British General. Kashmir is a hugely strategic State, it borders, Russia or the then Soviet Union, Afghanistan and China. It is also mineral rich and the British knew this. Besides, their plan of a fragmented India at the very start of independence had just fallen apart and Kashmir was the last hold-out State, a most strategic one.

The Indian army swung into action and quickly started pushing back the invading Pakistan army raiders when the British, through Lord and Lady Mountbatten convinced Pandit Nehru to take the matter to the United Nations; their influence on his mind and heart was so great that he ignored and over-rode his own generals who pleaded with him to give them a week and they would have the invaders, who were on the run, out of Kashmir.

The story he bought, and one that was sold to him, was that his and India’s stature in the world would soar, and that they, the British, would support him and India at the United Nations. India was, and has been played lock-stock-and-barrel all the way, before and since independence, by one power or another.

Pandit Nehru bought this story and willy-nilly marched to the United Nations, to be promptly dumped by the British, who came up with the Plebiscite story using their background friends for broad support. Pandit Nehru created his second Himalayan blunder, the first one being his acquiescing to the creation of Pakistan and not listening to Gandhi ji who exhorted him to make Jinnah the first Prime Minister of India, to avoid partition.

His third Himalayan blunder was around the corner. Letting China march into Tibet, which has never been a part of China, without a whimper; he could have stood up to them, then, and didn’t. The price is clear today.

NO one, not Nehru, or any cabinet member, or bureaucrat raised their voice on the Plebiscite sell-out; no one said that there was no Plebiscite or Referendum for the division of India, and the creation of Pakistan, so why now a Plebiscite for Kashmir when its Maharajah had signed the instrument of ascension to India?

Such an anomaly at the time; one half of the new country, Pakistan, bordering India’s Punjab on the West, two-third of which State went to Pakistan; and the other half, East Pakistan (Bengal), a distance of over 2500 kilometers from Punjab, split into two. Had such a State ever existed in the world? We allowed that to happen, in our political and bureaucrat wisdom.

NO one took objection to these British strategic moves that split us asunder and left a situation that is sapping the energy of the people and causing them extreme Tanav (Stress) and Tana-Shahi (Threat) on both sides of the border every day, to this day. A border that is keeping the same blood-brother-genetically-civilizationally linked people in a perpetual state of conflict; on the artificial basis of religious conflict, where the same religions lived together and self-managed their common and respective affairs for over 600 years, without the constant stress, bloodshed and rampant killing story taking place today; thanks to the British and our brutish, selfish, greed-driven leaders on both sides.

It needs to be borne in mind that the bureaucracy on both sides of the artificially created border, in place at the time was of the Imperial Civil Service, re-badged as the Indian Civil Service, and it is not outlandish to imagine that a significant number of civil servants would have had a fondness for their departing “Gora” masters, if not outright allegiance, of at least some. Also, bribery by the British, of one kind or another, is not out of the question. Cumulatively, our leadership let this story roll along with no resistance; head firmly in the sand, and the nation continues to pay a heavy, unbearable price for their stupidity and lack of civilizational-national pride, of putting the civilizational-national interest above all else, including if need be, their lives.

And then, to make things worse and even more interesting, in 1950 or so, the Chinese rolled into Tibet and took over; without a whimper or push back by Nehru’s India. Mao, super intelligent and hard-nosed as he was, took it upon himself, as his first major geopolitical move, to swallow up Tibet, and in the process, gain an unbeatable advantage and dominance of and over India. The Indian and Chinese armies at the time were not that different in their strength and capability. Push-back action on the part of India would have yielded phenomenal results as the Tibetan population in no way accepted the invaders, and would have supported India almost to the last man. After all that, all those Tibetans who could flee, fled to India and took sanctuary, the Dalai Lama included.

Mao’s China changed the geo-political narrative beyond measure for all of us. His armies marching into Tibet, which has never been a part of China, brought the real and present existential danger right to our door step. Tibet always has been independent, and has always been the bridge between our sub-continental and the Chinese civilizations. Lord Buddha’s spiritual teachings went to China via Tibet which has always been peaceful, spiritual and non-expansionist. Our Rishi-Munis meditated there and our most sacred shrines and spots fall within the bounds of the Tibetan plateau; Mount Kailash, Mansarovar, Brahmaputra and so many others.

Pundit Nehru and his cabinet along with their bureaucrats, in allowing and accepting the invasion of Tibet by China complicated the narrative for the entire area and 3.5 generations later, we are paying a heavy price, which is most likely going to become worse, and may well end up destroying the very fabric of our civilizational narrative of thousands of years, forever. A narrative that, even today, holds the potential for world reconciliation, peace, prosperity, material reconciliation and spiritual evolution.

China claims that the boundary between itself, India, Bhutan and other Himalayan territories is not defined or clear and it lays claims to huge swathes of land to which it has no historical, moral or any other kind of right, including in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

The Chinese statement in itself is absolute rubbish and total nonsense.

The fact is that, for thousands of years, the boundary between the two civilizations and its nations has been absolutely clear and totally demarcated; by history and the natural boundary of the Himalayas.

The historical fact is that the South face of the Himalayan mountains is China, the North Face is Bhutan, India, Nepal; and astride between the two, the top, lies the plateau of neutral Tibet, which through the ages, formed the bridge between the two civilizations. This is both historical truth and fact from any perspective.

That none of the Indian leaders or their bureaucrats have thought it fit to state and project this to China and the world over the years since China invaded Tibet and started laying rubbish territorial claims bespeaks of weakness, fear and a numb state of mind of its leadership across the political parties and spectrum. An almost total lack of awareness of its own civilization’s reality and inherent truth; its geo-political reality; or perhaps they are mostly self-delusional, or bought or under blackmail.

The nation’s Soul is in pain, and fearful of the fate that awaits our people at the hands of the Chinese emperor Xi Jinping. Our leadership has no backbone to push-back with strength, especially when we have the truth, and our vast population on our side. In true Mao style, whose statement, “power grows from the barrel of a gun” says it all, China is busy bullying all those it can’t buy; it now has the means to do so. Dominance is its aim, and we are non-entities in its thinking.

Our civilization has never stepped outside of its natural boundaries in conquest. It is the only civilization in the world that demonstrates this characteristic. Furthermore, our civilization is inclusive. It is not exclusive like the Western or Chinese civilizations. We make everything our own. All influences, all cultures, all religious streams and sub streams, we make them all our own. This is our greatest strength, and we don’t know how to use it in strong diplomacy.

We live in the realization that all existence flows from the One reality, one Consciousness, one Energy, that manifests itself through all forms and all realities. Our civilization is unique in these characteristics and, in fact, holds within itself, the solutions and hope for world reconciliation and peace. We hold the potential to be the catalyst that would assist the unleashing of the true potential of the human race. For it is only in the inclusive frame, not exclusion, wherein lie the solutions of the ills that plague humanity and our region today. Christ said, “The Meek shall inherit the Earth”, perhaps we are that meek.

Anyone who has some knowledge will agree that whatever wars happened through the sub-continental history; were between kingdoms when the rulers were begot with huge ego and exhibited depleted states of mind. The best periods, the golden ages of our peoples, were always when philosopher Kings ruled who were either themselves on the spiritual quest, or surrounded themselves with spiritual personages, and whose personas were governed by the rules of spiritual engagement.

The Lord Buddha exhibited and exemplified this quest; coming as he did from a powerful Royal Ruling family; He is the living embodiment of our civilizational reality; and China and its people made this their own, till the coming of Mao and the killing of spirituality and God in China. Have its people washed out this spirituality of thousands of years from their psyche? A question that needs to be examined and answered by them and the rest of the world.

Today, the Chinese emissaries are aggressively touring the region, indeed the world, operating from a single top-secret vision laid out originally by the emperor Mao, refined to extreme sophistication, and carried forth by his successors, culminating in the life-emperor Xi Jinping. The rise of China has been programmed from this single vision; it’s becoming the world’s, soon to be, most powerful nation; these are a projection of this singular vision of complete dominance in every sphere, using any and all means possible.

The lessons of history have been well learnt and implemented by China across the entire gamut of tools needed to achieve their nefarious domination goals including, but not limited to; information-disinformation management, refined propaganda tools for population perception management including subliminal influencing, refined mass mind manipulation, psych warfare, buying influence in nations through blackmail or bribery of bureaucrats and politicians in nations across the world and especially in our area, economic and development inducements to nations, witness the “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) strategy, the roll out of which, right out in the open, carries the core aim to rapidly build Chinese capability to rapidly deploy military might; all under the cover of economic development of nations within the OBOR ambit, even as they create a debt bubble for them.

They are swiftly building industrial capacity in cutting edge technologies through 24x7 three shift functioning, vast numerical and tech invoked military strategies are being rolled out through integrated command and control systems with the core aim of achieving total superiority across the entire armed might spectrum on land, sea, air and space, to a targeted time frame that is now within actualization; no more than 5 - 7 years; 10 at the most.

As part of these core domination aims and strategies, analysts, including the author of this original document, have watched the Chinese, across the past 20+ years, quietly but in open view, building these capacities and capabilities at the forefront of which, amongst other ingenuities, has been their centrally conceived and executed move of sending out millions of students to hundreds of key western universities and countries to learn English, fill the engineering and technology classrooms across all disciplines, fill the classrooms in all key business, finance, economics courses; media and journalism courses and so on, to spring-jump the development and actualization of their aims.

Most of these students return home, it cannot be any other way for them, for their families are hostage. Today, more than twenty years later these capacities are extremely well built and have assisted in further developing stolen technologies or simple reverse engineering and copying what they first bought in, thus building their currently very visible industrial, technological and military might. It’s been an incredible journey unparalleled in the world’s history and carried out in open view of all.

Meantime, the West is either complicit in this phenomenon, or overly focused on the greed of huge profits created for their companies, universities, institutions and economies by the deals struck with China and Chinese companies in the shifting of its manufacturing and supply bases to that country for the supply of extraordinarily and artificially cheap products; the benefits of which are largely pocketed by the robber-baron owners of the western socio-economic-political system, and not really passed on to their consuming populations.

Witness that the West is ruled by no more than 18 to 20 families who own the fortune 500 + companies, the military-industrial complex, the banking system and so on. Factor in the fact that the Federal Reserve of the U.S. is a collection of Private Banks and is not owned by the Public or the U.S. government, and the reality and complexity of the world power structure comes into focus. It is the only Central Bank of any nation in the world that is not publically or government owned, imagine the vast implications in focus. This is not good for the world and its peoples, and certainly not for our civilization and its component nations.

Chinese emissaries are constantly on the move in world capitals, befriending, befuddling and lobbying key bureaucrats and politicians, carrying smiles, facades of humility and large dollops of money, bribery and blackmail, all the while singing the sweet song of how they can help in the development of nations, if only they subscribe to their story and succumb to them, offering money to nations, mostly as loans, offering development projects, advance-identified for each nation they approach, seeking for these nations to let them do as they please; hand in velvet gloves holding the flowers of progress, the iron fist hidden in open view, by these perpetual magicians with no Soul, or belief in one.

Look at China, they say; we can do the same for you they say; just let us come in, they say, do not resist development, they say, we care for you and your people, they say; and so on and on. In this process China has created armies of foreign nation’s bureaucrats and politicians who subscribe to their song, for most benefit personally from these moves and strategies.

Our bureaucrats have a single swan song; they underplay the Chinese threat and sing the song that the Chinese cannot or better still, will not do the things that form their core and very visible strategies partly laid out in this piece. This is against all the evidence available right under their eyes and noses; these “thinkers” give and have reasons and justifications that seem fair on the face of it, which are bought, because it is easier to buy these than to face the very tough alternative narrative; ostrich head in the sand phenomenon with perhaps a tinge of self-interest, self-benefit behind the scenes. 

To all these ideologues, one must ask these questions. How can a power that totally suppresses and murders by the million its own people in its quest for total and perpetual political control of its nation, be benign and generous towards peoples of other nations and territories, who, in secret, it wishes to gobble?

How can anyone trust the word of a Power that willy-nilly shifts populations to change established historical demographic realities, witness Tibet; totally controls its media and whose thought police is perhaps one of the largest employers; who belts out day and night lies and claims that are patently not tenable (south China sea and other claims), forcing its vision down the throats of all and sundry?

A power who is rapidly and aggressively building an offensive capability across land, air, space and cyber-space, that far surpasses anything the world has seen; who is hugely developing artificial intelligence capabilities for both civilian and military use, who are devouring everything in their path, whose companies owned by the central government are buying up everything from real estate to tech companies, Chinese government owned companies are in action, not private entities; where is this going?

How can anyone believe the emissaries of such a power? How can anyone believe a power that threw away its Soul, eliminated God from its life, as Mao did through the murder of millions of his citizens destroying it civilizational narrative, its spiritual heritage, in his quest for total power? To do so is to imperil one’s own existence, life and culture, nothing less.

We are an inclusive heterogeneous civilization, and now have a homogenous voraciously hungry empire building China thirsting for domination of our people and areas at all costs. Can this be stopped? Absolutely; it can and must be stopped in its tracks. What can India do in all this to protect its civilization and people?

Meantime, over the past 15-20 years, Pakistan has incrementally become a “client” State of China, having had to face increasingly shrill opposition from its earlier masters the United States, who have had to face the terror camps of Pakistan. Terror camps that it, itself created, trained, funded and armed leading to the world-changing 9/11 attack of New York World Trade Center. China is busy building Pakistan injecting vast sums of money (debt), personnel and arms; all in order to gobble up India and not allow it to rise in any way at all. The threat is clear and present, and so is the danger.

Pakistan that sells itself as a religious State, moving towards Sharia law. It’s rulers and Mullahs needs to answer and explain to its people how come it is in bed with a God-less China; a true Kaffir power; for Kaffir is defined as one who does not believe in God, by whatever name He be known! How is it that the Mullahs are not screaming from the roof tops against the China engagement, and sell-out, and why is the Pakistani public so silent?

Iran, not far, is in perpetual state of Shia-Sunni based conflict with its Arab States and Israel and hence inherently unstable. Afghanistan is a shamble; Nepal, which should have been a close ally and whose development should have been overseen by India as one would of a brother and wasn’t, with our Politicians and Babus giving it the step-motherly treatment, is now being swallowed up by the China money-development-anti India story; Bhutan is fearful and wondering how it can survive China, with a weaker India protector; Myanmar is already mostly in the Chinese camp; Bangladesh, is a mess, again China is in full flow there, as it is in Sri Lanka. That is our neighborhood. Does India have any say in all this or control over its own destiny?

Our leadership has always been ham-handed in the manner they have interfaced with our neighbors, mostly due to oversized egos of our bureaucrats and politicians throwing their weight around with no real hard-power backing them. China simply moved into a vacuum left by our leadership’s failures; and the results are there in plain view to see, with them encircling us, consuming us, and will surely lead to our destruction, if it is not reversed and stopped right now.

This is the hard-reality that confronts India within which its foreign policy must be framed and operate. There has never been any cohesive vision, mission or holistic long-term strategy that India has had at any time since independence. It has always been a reactive power, knee-jerking its way through its neighborhood and global geo-political discourse, or framing its actions in “imagined” reality scenarios, such as the “Hindi-Chine-Bhai-Bhai” story cooked up at a time when China was busy building its armed invasion of Tibet, and our bureaucrats and intelligence were sleeping, head firmly buried in the sand. Our politicians and bureaucrats specialize in pontificating on what will or won’t happen according to their whims and to what suits them, not according to what is!

India has never been one that has marched to its own drum-beat, to its own national interest within the existing socio-economic-geopolitical backdrop it faces at a given point of time. Its politicians and bureaucrats are overjoyed if they are just able to maintain the status quo, any status quo, even if it means giving up its rights gradually to a marauding power.

India’s foreign outposts are dysfunctional to the point of being laughable. Its staff are often sub-standard crony-postings, and its interface with local populations extremely low quality, and frustratingly fueling the prevailing negative images in these nations. Their nationals, when they come in contact with our outposts leave the premises feeling low and often angry. The staff can be rude, lackadaisical, badly presented, late and full of themselves displaying “egos” that are not consistent with our civilizational ethos and destructive for the nation’s foreign front-line inter-face. These stories are not helpful for the nation’s foreign policy narrative, and add to mindsets not helpful for our nation or its people.

India is seen and treated as a low-end power and a Soft State by all nations of the world and there is no real, or solid background strength, except in “potential” that everyone recognizes; either of economy, policy or military power projection. This is because of the endemic corruption, crony-functioning and apparent lack of Political Will to take “hard” decisions when the national interest so dictates.This has to berapidly addressed and changed.

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