Laws Governing the Party .

  1. To unleash the genius and energy of India’s people; uplifting the poorest families, while creating the framework for the richest to participate in the ambition of cohesive, holistic, rapid, sustainable and permanent nation building through pre-determined and pre-defined policy frameworks approved by the people of India.
  2. To remove the artificial barriers created by former colonial masters and perpetuated by their Indian ruler inheritors, all political parties, since independence that have led to slow and lop-sided development of India.
  3. To tap and develop the natural genius of the Indian people from the entire socio- economic-political-religious spectrum; from the grassroots, up so that every Indian of every persuasion, of religion, caste creed or whatever, has opportunity to grow spiritually and to prosper materially within his / her means and intellectual and physical ability; so as to live in dignity; free from the stress of poverty, hunger, deprivation, corruption or communal divide within the ancient Indian civilizational principles of Truth, Justice, Fairness and spiritual enhancement.
  4. To thoroughly assess India’s socio-economic-cultural and natural resources, to establish linkages, and through a wholesome, holistic cohesive Policy framework to maximize these with the view to unified social life, and to generate wealth enough to fix the ills that plague India with speed, efficiency and with Integrity, using new models of Governance based on Merit, Accountability, Incentive and Intelligence; free of Personal Agendas, and Misuse of State Power for personal gain or advantage.

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