Laws Relating to Internal Democracy in the Party .

It is a travesty of present day Political Party functioning that, for all practical

purposes, there is no true internal democracy in any of the Parties that rule India at National or State levels.

Manipulated records and heavy handedness of the core power groups are the norm. How they can get away with such an irregularity in a democratic society is beyond explanation or justification.

Again, there is no Public Oversight or Audit of whether declared norms are actually being followed in practice or not, to standards of public probity expected by the community in honoring the laws of democracy.

The Rising India Party, in order to change the system, commits to the following Laws and Systems:

  1. On winning elections, the Party will move to pass Legislation that mandates that due electoral process of internal democracy be strictly adhered to by all political parties in a democratic society, and that these be subject to external audits by combination of the Election Commission Audit groups and Public Oversight Groups drawn from the general public.
  2. Meantime, The Rising India Party commits itself to adhere to these rules within its own functioning as laid out herein:
  3. Adherence Audits to be framed and supervised by a group or sub-set framed from the general members body, which, on winning elections and passing these laws to apply to all political parties shall also comprise audit groups from the Election Commission; such Groups being formed specifically for this purpose.
  4. These Audit groups would include a preset number of members of the concerned party’s membership picked at random; and a preset, randomly chosen members of the non-party public in the Audit process. The Audit group would have State representation from investigative agencies and police in preset numbers.
  5. For Rising India Party, Internal Democracy forms the essential democratic Pivot on which the Party must rest and function. This will apply from the smallest unit of the Party and inward to the Core National Groups.

This will apply from the smallest unit of the Party upward: i.e.
The Village Council / Plans Board
The District Council / Plans Board
The State Council / Plans Board.
The National Council / Plans Board.

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