Membership Structure of The Party .


Membership of the Rising India Party would be open to:

  1. All Indian citizens above the age of 18 with no discrimination for sex, religion, or personal belief.
  2. NRI’s and OCI card holders who are Indian citizens and hold Indian passports can apply for full membership of the party
  3. All member applicants would be accepted subject to the potential member accepting in full and without reservation adherence to the Indian constitution and to the governing laws of the party within a continuously evolving Live Party Constitution.
  4. If the laws so permit, Junior membership would be opened to all Indian citizens of 16 years and such members would automatically become full members when they attain the age of 18.
  5. Foreign nationals of Indian origins can apply for Overseas Nationals of Indian Origin membership. These would be clearly defined and reported in the party membership lists.


The Rising India Party envisages membership to be categorized according to the level of engagement with the party as suggested below. These are subject to change once the party becomes a living reality through membership of Indian citizens joining the party on launch. Proposed membership categories are detailed below:

  1. Ordinary Member – Non-Active:

    Is defined as a member who is not able to participate actively in the party’s day to day activities but who subscribes to the party’s Vision, Mission and Values and who wants to be kept in the information loop while having the option to become active at any time.Non-Active members will be able to vote in party elections.

  2. Member – Active:

    Is defined as one who is desirous of volunteering in taking active part in the party’s activities from the grassroots and above. Active members would be expected to participate in various Party activities including:

           a) Participation in membership recruitment drives from time to time.

           b) Participation in the Party’s neighborhood activities including:                        

            Surveys of various kinds
            People Connect activities
            Propagation of the Party’s policies
            Helping arrange public meetings and special occasio
            Other activities from time to time as required by the Party.

c) Active members would be expected to Contribute in the day to day activities of the party including providing inputs             based on public needs and ground-situations to assist the Party’s framing of Policies and social programs.

d) All such work shall be on voluntary basis only unless the party specifically seeks workers on paid / stipend basis in which case all other parameters being equal, active members shall be given preference in selection for paid work from time to time.
e) Active Members at all levels including at village, town, district and state levels would be expected to be active amongst the polity on a day-to-day basis and form the eyes and ears of issues confronting the smallest unit of society, at all levels even   as they go about their day to day activities.
f) They would keep their command-chain informed of public sentiment.

g) They would be the conduits carrying the message of the Party to the electorate.
h) They would be tasked with feeding back to the Party organization reactions to the party’s policies and activities, and             issues exercising the minds of the people at all levels at a given point of time.TO BE ADDED - BY ANYONE

    To become an active member of the Party an individual would have to:
                a) Apply for Active member status
                b) Obtain an Active Member Badge
                c) Deposit the Active Membership Fee along with Active membership form.
                d) No refund of Active membership fee policy would be enforced even if the applicant’s application is rejected.
                e) Active Members shall be required to participate in nominated party programs including any legitimate       agitations, public demonstrations or protests at any time.
                f) The concerned Party unit will be required to keep the record of member participation.

                g) It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the concerned Party unit is accurately logging his / her participation in all party activities and forums.
                h) Active members are required to keep abreast of debates happening within the party by following the on-
    line debates and / or blogs and by mandatory subscription to the party magazines or publications at state or central levels.

    a)Only Active members are eligible to contest elections for any Party position or active Party Group subject to elections.
    b)At the time of announcement of each election cycle for any Party Body or Group for every term each interested active member will submit the appropriate Form to his registered District Office where his/ her core membership resides for onward transmission.
    c)Where applicable, on-line application are to be lodged.
    d)The Party website will announce all elections for every Party Body, Forum or Group
    e)The decision of the concerned Party Group tasked with selecting candidates for external public elections such as general elections, or State legislature elections will be binding and final        once the selection process is closed to debate and feedback.
    f)The recommendations of the local Party cells, District leadership and State leadership as applicable shall form part of the selection process for public elections.
    g)All members who apply for internal Party elections will be eligible for being on the voting ballot and will have the right to campaign amongst the Party membership for elections.
    i)The party may seek an application fee for all elections to cover costs of such elections and where specified, these will need to be paid at the time of making an application for election.
    j)The Party encourages women to stand for elections; however, merit shall always be the key criterion used to select candidates within a policy of promoting gender balance and equality.
    k)If a member or member group is dis-satisfied with a decision of the nominated Party Group related to the selection of candidates for election, the appeal process must be followed within the stipulated time window for such appeals.
    l) All such appeals must make a comprehensive case on why such an appeal is being lodged giving reasons and arguments     against the choice of the nominated Party Group tasked with such selection.

    m)All such appeals shall be heard within stipulated processes and time frames and the judgement of the hearing Body shall be final.
    n)The appealing individual or group may seek review of the decision of nominated appeal Group within the time stipulated.
    o)The dissenting Group must then fall behind the decision if it is against them and work uniformly for the selected candidate.            
    p)Those in breach of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action including dismissal from the party
  3. Member - Active Contributory:

    Active contributory member is defined as one who does one or more of the following:

    a)Donate money to the party.
    b)Commits, to donate and spend time on party activities
    c)Commits or provides infrastructure to the party for the running and management of the Party.
    d)Such members would be involved with Policy debates at various and appropriate layers of the party’s narrative.
    e)Active contributory members would have privileged access to the party’s leadership and functional organs at appropriate levels within their arc of geography or functional need.

  4. Members – High Net Worth:

    The party would welcome high net worth members to the party, transparently and in a positive frame such that they become major contributors to the party’s vision, mission and value narrative in helping create the paradigm for our nation wherein all Indian citizens are brought into the development and wealth creation or support narrative story.

    High net-worth members would-be individuals who have attained major success in their lives, or whose families have over many generations created and accumulated wealth through business, industrial or other activities, in the process creating jobs and wealth for the nation while enriching themselves. The following would apply to high net-worth members:

    a)They would need to contribute Rs.1 Crore (To be finalized) or higher to the party fund to be categorized as high net-worthmembers.
    b)These individuals would automatically form part of the strategy and policy discussion groups within the party given the presumption that their experience and success within their industries or businesses has the requisite depth to be part of the contributors in the policy discussions from time to time.
    c)They would provide key inputs in their areas of industrial, business or other activity and expertise to assist the party frame its policy initiatives in those areas.
    d)They would become part of the party’s “exemplars” in that their own businesses and industries would be the front line in spreading knowledge, jobs and wealth creation opportunities within the vase Indian public.
  1. All members have the right to vote in party elections
  2. Only active members would have the right to stand for arty elections at any and all levels.
  3. Active, contributory and high-net-worth members would have quick access to different levels of the party plans-boards and to party leadership think tanks and policy framing cells.
  4. All members are responsible to live up to the vision, mission and value statements.
  5. All members have the responsibility to feed back to the party leadership any illegal activities that may take place within the confines of the party.
  6. All members have the responsibility of acting in a manner consistent with the national best interest.

16.2    RESTRICTIONS ON MEMBERSHIP – PROPOSED (To expand as required):


  1. Membership is not open to anyone with a criminal record where the crime is one of physical violence, hate preaching, stealing, robbery and other heinous crimes.
  2. Minor crimes or civil offenses shall not be grounds of barring people applying for membership, though they will be required to transparently declare all such offenses for which they may have been prosecuted.
  3. People with extreme views espousing violence against other on religious or communal grounds and those that seek to create discord in society are not welcome in the party. Such elements must be weeded out after due process, if these are found to have joined the party.
  4. However, that is not to bar people on the basis of their thoughts or positions as long as these do not propagate violence against others on any grounds. Such people will be liable for dismissal proceedings after due process.
  5. Members holding office in the party at any level are restricted to non-disclosure of internal party discussions
  6. Members holding office are prohibited from participating in any negative, illegal or extremist activity and those found to be doing so are liable to prosecution and dismissal.

  8. Junior Membership would be open to young adults from 15 years.
  9. These would automatically convert to full membership when the person attains the age of 18.
  10. Junior members would be encouraged to engage and keep the youth consciousness and view in focus amongst all of the other factors that make our civilization.
  11. Junior members would be encouraged to develop the highest character of thinking and behavior
  12. Junior members would be encouraged to read about our civilization.
  13. Junior members would be encouraged to set an example amongst their peers.


  1. Junior Members would be restricted from participating in public political activities.
  2. They could be treated as interns with possibilities of paid work apart from any voluntary work they may do on their donated time.
  3. Junior members would be used for voluntary work at multiple levels such as amongst disadvantaged children, undeveloped villages or communities, slums and so on.
  4. They would receive certificates, awards and letters of merit for participation and for quality of work delivered as assessed by their Supervisors.




a)Honorary membership is offered to non-citizens who are interested in social and political reform in India and the world.

b)These members may be of Indian origin or foreigners.

c)They cannot vote or be party to the inner deliberations and functioning of the party.

d)However, they can be involved in general deliberations at party forums and may advice on various issues that may confront the party at any given point of time.

e)They may participate in various social uplifting activities of the Party.

f)Amongst these, those who have proven integrity and who are not connected to any foreign think-tanks, intelligence or defense services or bureaucracies may be brought into the inner deliberations of some sectors such as industrial policy, trade policy etc.

            At inception, the following means of funding would be appropriate:



  1. Applicants must declare that they accept and swear to uphold and protect the Indian constitution
  2. They must accept without reservation all Clauses of the Party’s Constitution and its vision, mission and value statement
  3. They shall, on making a written declaration in the Membership Form and on payment of a prescribed subscription as applicable, become a member of The Rising India Party.
  4. Applicant must declare that he/she is not a member of any other political party.
  5. The applicant must declare that the applicant has no criminal record, or if there is a criminal record, applicant must declare this and give full details. The concerned membership Panel of the Party shall decide on whether to accept a given application and if so under what conditions which shall be informed the applicant.
  6. False declaration will render the applicant-member to dismissal at any time such falsehood is detected.
  7. The applicant must declare that the applicant does not subscribe to extremist ideologies of any kind of any religion or community.
  8. Applicants must declare their permanent place of residence, as well as their place of work or business if different from the permanent address.
  9. Membership is deemed to be valid unless the member notifies the party in writing that he / she does not wish to remain a member of the party.
  10. A register of membership shall be maintained at the party head offices as well as at the local party chapter where the member resides.
  11. The concerned local Party organ will verify and certify an applicant is cleared for membership of the party.
  12. Only active members; i.e. those that have deposited membership fees for active members, can stand for elections to various party bodies.
  13. Membership Fees – Proposed:
    For ordinary non-active membership - One-time fee of Rs. 5/-
  14. For Active member – Joining fee of Rs, 100
    A further Annual fee of Rs. 100/-
    (This may be waived for people from below poverty line socio-economic segments)
  15. The term of membership will ordinarily be for lifetime unless the concerned member notifies the Party in writing that he / she is resigning from the party
  16. Membership will automatically terminate if it is found that the concerned member has joined another party or in case of death, resignation or removal from the party for any reason what so ever.
  17. Members can only join the party either in place of their permanent residence or where they carry on their business or usual career
  18.  A member cannot be enrolled at more than one place.
  19. Members will have to apply in writing to the local party body in the concerned District and State for a change of place of residence and / or membership.
  20. Members may apply to the party to continue to have voting rights in their original place of membership or permanent place or residence even after they have changed their place of residence
  21. However, the party must at all times be notified of actual and current place of residence at any given point of time. Failure to do so can render the member, particularly an active member for disciplinary action.

    a) The Rising India party shall maintain a central register or record of all members in all categories at the Party Headquarters.

    b) State units of the Party will maintain a full list and record of all enrolled members at the State Head Quarters
    c)  District units of the Party will maintain a full list and record of all members of enrolled members at the District
    d) Village or Village Cluster or local Offices of the Party will maintain a full list and record of all members within their   geographic domains
    e) Each State, District and / or Local unit shall be required to dulyauthenticate and certify the list of members as being up to date and accurate as of the end of each financial year ending
    March 31 in accordance with the rules prescribed by the National Executive from time to time.
     f) A copy of the Membership Register verified and certified will be maintained by the Party’s concerned Local, District and State Body or organization.
     g) The membership register shall contain the full name,
    permanent and / or residential address if different, occupation, date of birth, father’s/husband’s name, date joined, membership number and other details as required by the Party from time to time

  23. Declaration by Applicants for membership:
    I declare that I am over 18 years of age and that all the information provided in the membership application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. I declare that I have never been involved in illegal activities, that I do not subscribe to any extremist ideology of any kind and believe in secularism as a way of life for India, that I do not believe in untouchability or other discriminatory practices. I further declare that I am committed to seeing my nation prosper and am willing to work to what extent I can to be a part of the remaking of India into a prosperous, just society. That I am willing to undertake and perform whatever tasks I am assigned by the party and can do so within my means and limitation of work or family responsibilities. That all details of my assets, businesses, income and cash holdings that are declared are accurate as of the date of declaration. (TO BE FINALIZED)


The terms of the various organization bodies would be three years, unless specified otherwise.

Annual reviews would be carried out throughout the party’s functional organs wherein any individual may be subject to replacement if he / she is not functioning to anticipated profiles and standards that were set or expected at the time of appointment.



1 All membership fees are to be paid by cheque, credit card or cash to be directly deposited to the party’s official designated bank account.

2 All cash payments collected by the authorized party personnel are to be only against the official receipt of the party.

3 Such receipt is to be further confirmed by email or Sms to the members personal mobile phone.

4 All cash collected daily by any authorized party person must under all  circumstances be deposited to the party’s bank account on the next banking day, without exception.

5  All cash collections are to be logged in the party’s ledgers as per defined accounting standards by the party’s duly appointd chartered accountants.


The Rising India Party’s financial health would be directly tied to the donations that it receives from individual or organizations who are in sync with the party’s vision, mission and value statements, and who would like to become a part of the national development agenda of the party. The party welcomes all contribution subject to strict guidelines of transparency and accountability with no hidden agendas.

If donations are made by individuals or corporate entities that are aimed at a lobbying effort for a particular positon, it must be so declared at the time the donation is made.

The party encourages everyone to work towards a clean political process with the common aim of nation building even as narrower interests are promoted within the nations socio-economic functional fabric.

All donations are to be made by cheque, credit card, e-transfers to the party’s official notified bank accounts. Cash donations must be logged and duly receipted by the nominated party person who is receiving such donations and immediately deposited in the party’s bank account the next banking day.


The Rising India Party proposes the following distribution of party funds to be made available for expenditures at various organizational levels:

Membership subscriptions collected and received from the member enrolment to be distributed annually within the first two months of the new financial year, by end May in the following ratios:

To the Collecting District:                                50%

State:                                                              15%

National:                                                         10%

Backward Class Development Fund               25%


To the National Party Fund:                             50%

State:                                                               15%

Collecting District:                                            15%

Backward Class Development Fund:               20%

The Rising India Party reserves the right to alter the ratio of collected funds distribution at its sole discretion and to recall funds in any of its bank accounts at any level of the party organs for any reason, but especially during election deployment. The party will talk to the local or state leadership in such eventualities about the necessity of such fund recall.



(Basic structure of form)


First Name                             Middle Name                        Last name

Were you known by any other name at any time? If Yes: Give details __________ _____________________________________



Permanent Address:

House No and Street Address

Suburb / Village / Tehsil / District / Other

State                                       Post Code

Residential address if different from permanent address:

House No and Street Address

Suburb / Village / Tehsil / District / Other

State                                       Post Code


Mobile            :                                                           Landline: (city code) ____________


Facebook:                             Other social media:

Amount Donated:

Mode of Payment: Cheque / Credit Card / e-transfer / cash

To whom paid: Name of Party person to whom payment is made or Direct to Bank


Reason for donation: Change the system / believe in vision, mission and values / concern for nation / want to build the nation / Other ____________________


Whether available for party work:

If yes, how

Time donor can spend on party work: Full time / part time; if part time, how many hours per week / month


The party may accept Cash Payments for up to Rs. ten thousand for membership fees and donations. All cash payment must be against the party’s official receipt only.
The Cash receipts will have a field titled: Source of Funds. The donor or member will need to answer this question mandatorily.

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