Ministry of Labour – Industry – Business .

  1. The Ministry of Labor-Industry-Business would be would be constituted as an integrated composite of these inter-dependent and inter-linked functionalities of the socio-economic life.
  2. The architecture of the Ministry would be built around focused sub-ministries or groups interfaced with each other within the overarching ministry.
  3. The Ministry would be responsible for designing the framework and functional space of labor-industry-business relationship.
  4. The Ministry would be responsible for providing the frame for job creation, retraining, redeployment of labor made redundant, inputting in job creation etc
  5. The Ministry would be responsible for providing and managing the security blanket of livelihoods for the labor force of India who find themselves without work.
  6. The delivery of its mandate would be through public-private efforts and organizational relationships.
  7. The rising India party would pass a law whereby any company that makes a profit above the thresholds measured in multiples of investment and risk, would contribute to Labor Development Funds a small percentage of their gross, before tax profits as a tax sur-charge.
  8. This would be stratified according to small, medium and large enterprises
  9. Very large enterprises would need, by law, to contribute to the health insurance of their staff, maintain an education assistance fund for the children of their staff, contribute to insurance pools, redeployment fund
  10. Other measures to protect and save guard the workforce would be undertaken under the umbrella of the Ministry.
  11. Businesses and enterprises who are making losses would have no Legal obligation to pay any bonuses and would be within their rights to negotiate with their workforce for salary adjustments in the short term.
  12.  Enterprises running at a loss for would be able to interface with the Ministry to table what assistance they need to reverse the trend.
  13. The Ministry would on a case by case basis evaluate and help with such situations. Such moves would ultimately be labor and job protective.
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