Municipal / Nagar Palika Public Works Departments – Policy – Narrative .


The Civic Services of Indian cities are the worst-in-your-face managed, and governed, of all within the developed world. These have remained in the same state of neglect with increasing deficiency-efficiency; progressively becoming worse over each passing decade. Anyone who are in their 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s, and those who lives in our cities or village clusters, would vouch for these statements and conditions.

In fact, the state of Indian cities civic services and lack of amenities is perhaps the single biggest tourist turn-off that there is for India causing massive loss of foreign exchange earnings, and global goodwill. Had India presented clean-green cities, the tourist traffic to India would have been the amongst the biggest destinations by far in the world of tourism and our economy in much better shape on the back of tourism.

Uncollected garbage litters the roadside, pools of filthy water in roadside depressions and ditches mushroom every time there is rain, and become cesspools and breeding grounds for mosquitos and disease. Manholes and deep ditches in roadsides remain open causing accidents and often death. Sewers are overflowing, in ancient down-graded infrastructure, garbage and sewage treatment plants or systems are non-existent or if they exist, it is on paper alone.

Roads are in constant state of disrepair, and when repaired, these are cosmetic and one heavy rain washes it back to its original state of dis-repairs. Electric and phone wires hang precariously from poles and homes causing visual pollution of the worst kind and sometimes death. Traffic is always snarled causing massive stalled car exhaust related pollutions; and noise pollution due to horns and loudspeaker driven religious propagation, as if God has gone deaf, is of the worst kind.

In the midst of this shocking day-to-day experience of the citizen and public of India, cooked statistics are rolled out by successive governments, and the merry-go-round continues.

The great Indian citizen digs deep into his civilizational consciousness, of great patience and stoic acceptance, prays and gets on with life in whatever form it is dished out, still able to smile and function; unbelievable strength that no one sees.

The whole story is another shocking state of government un-care, corruption, manipulation and money-theft. between the MCDs, PWDs and other related or concerned government organizations. All pass on the blame and buck, running for cover when there are controversies, and then pass more budgets so more can be pocketed by the politician-bureaucrat-crony chain, in a back-to-business-as-usual narrative. The suffering public have no recourse within the current political-bureaucratic-crony systems and no one knows where or when it will all end.

Municipalities in every single Indian city, without exception, are dens of corruption, inefficiency, disinterest in their jobs, disinterest in keeping their towns clean and sewers working etc. Many staff, including sweepers, are on the government roles but are doing other jobs or businesses, while collecting salaries from the public exchequer. Huge budgets are passes annually and perhaps 80% gobbled up within the political-bureaucratic-crony systems, where everyone connected laughs all the way to the bank while the populace continues to suffer, mostly in silence. This has got to end; immediately.

There is no way that the functioning of Indian towns can be improved much within the current and existing-since-independence-system, and it has to undergo a radical change, a complete overhaul and shift in the manner Civic Services including the Municipalities and PWDs etc. are organized and managed. 

The state of Civic Services and amenities in Indian towns is experienced by all expect the power elite who live in the best areas of town where these problems are not visible because, magically the same MCD’s, PWDs and other Bodies function and deliver mostly functioning garbage collection, better roads and so on. Hence, why would the power elites bother or even be aware of the public’s stress and angst?

The Rising India Party takes the position that all of this is very fixable, very fast, but will need wholesale change, and total restructuring of all concerned government, quasi-government bodies who are connected and involved in this dismal, indeed criminal story.

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