Other Policy Initiatives to be Developed Further: Privacy and Data Laws - Narrative .


The Indian State follows everything the West does blindly and without consideration to the nation’s own needs, civilizational culture or consideration for any local factors. The Rising India Party proposes that laws related to Privacy, Data Protection etc. are framed keeping Indian social narrative and not the Western one. The West is functioning under a fear psychosis that has been gathering force each year since 9/11.

Their laws are designed to put their own citizen under constant 24X7 watch and their Data protection laws are framed to give unlimited and unbridled powers to the State and make the individual citizen powerless with no access or control over his / her own preferences or needs. These laws are all aimed at suppressing and controlling the population while there is little accountability of the State or any kind of citizen oversight of their ruling elite.

Our people are extremely intelligent and smart, even those who are illiterate for no fault of theirs. This is because our ancient DNA is rooted in freedom of spirit and social connect through the joint family system which as a microcosm of society regulated itself to a large extent.

What everyone who is involved in bringing about this fear-based surveillance society forget is that the surest way to iron out creativity and innovation from a society and individuals is to encompass them in fear; fear of any kind and the worst kind is the fear of the State.

Within this story The Rising India party proposes the underlying principles around which India’s Policies of Privacy and Data Protection must be built. India must become the beacon it has been for thousands of years again to the entire world and an outstanding example of true freedom; freedom of spirit, freedom of mind, soul and body and all that such freedom entails. It must become the beacon that neutralizes the demon of totalitarianism, suppression of the public and fear based social life that stalks the entire world. India must once again, become the leader of the free world.  

The Rising India Party proposes the following for the public of India to consider, discuss, agree and vote upon:

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