Planning Classification of States .

For planning purposes, the States of the Indian Union are proposed to be classified be a combination of:

  1. population density
  2. number of Lok Sabha Seats
  3. with secondary integer being the number of seats of the respective Vidhan Sabhas in the following configurations:
  4. Tier 1- States with up to 4 Lok Sabha seats.
  5. Tier 2- States having 4 to 20 Lok Sabha seats.
  6. Tier 3- The states that have got 21 or more Lok Sabha seats
  7. The Party need to develop a holistic model taking into account other indicies such as population density.
  8. Where population density has grown to higher levels than when number of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha seats, the party will campaign for readjustment and if it comes to power will undertake resetting how State are structured and implement new models that are more realistic and development friendly.
  9. State grouping based around contiguity, resource mix, population mix and other demographics.TO BE DEVELOPIED

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