Policy Contours for the Functioning of Civic Services including Municipalities, Public Works Departments (PWDs) etc. .

The Rising India Party proposes the following guidelines and contours for the functioning of Civic Services including Municipalities, Nagar Palikas, PWDs etc for the public to discuss and vote upon. On winning elections, The Rising India Party will undertake Policy initiatives that are laid out below for the Indian voter and public to consider and approve:

  1. The Rising India Party government will form city-wise Civic-Services Audit Boards (CSABs) tasked to undertake a line by line audit of the functioning of these bodies, of the staff, elected and appointed who manage these with the view to formally identifying the functional system and human inefficiency and leakage points, as well as corruption opportunities of the past.
  2. Within this exercise, staff who in the past have promoted and enjoyed the proceeds of corruption who have not taken advantage of the General Amnesty declared by the government, will be severely prosecuted to the extent of confiscation of all their assets and hard sentence serving amongst the poorest of the poor.
  3. Blood-sucking governments and governance has to be consigned to the history-bins of India.
  4. The government would form Civic-Services Plans Boards (CSPBs) tasked to firm up new systems and functional paradigms within the core principles suggested herein under.
  5. The Plans Boards, the CSABs and CSPBs would be staffed by a combination of existing civil servants 25%, 75% would be comprised Indian citizens from various backgrounds including engineers, social scientists, experienced management professionals, retired armed forces personnel, other professionals and ordinary citizens in time bound, say two-year renewable appointment stints, that could be a mix of full and part time tenures.
  6. Such appointees as are already employed, will gain half-pay leave from their companies who would benefit from tax concessions and possible opportunities for commercial gain from potential contracts.
  7. These personnel will be paid substantial and appropriate remunerations, that could be tax-free given that this service would fall under the head of social or public-interest service.
  8. The new model for the functioning of Civic service as proposed by The Rising India Party would be that all Civic Service Bodies including Municipalities, PWDs and other related be consolidated into one holistic whole in a restructured umbrella organization on the Board of which sit citizens who enforce Public Oversight.
  9. Public oversight would also apply to all smaller functional departments and operational entities to ensure efficient, corruption free service delivery.
  10. The Rising India Party proposes that all operational entities be converted immediately into public-private partnerships, where the private sector partner would be an investing arm alongside the government allotted funds, with the operational control resting in the hands of the private sector partner.
  11. All these entities would move to functioning within the principle of profit generation such that cities become self-sustaining. For instance, sewage treatment plants would produce saleable by-products such as fertilizer, chemicals and other commercially viable products. Shortfalls, between costs and sales, if any, would be cross subsidized by government budgeted funds till financial viability is achieved as a protective-incentive offered to private sector investors where applicable or appropriate.
  12. The elected representatives would be tasked for playing the role of people’s representatives forming part of the Town Plans Board and Audit Board Groups overseeing the operations of the municipalities.
  13. Additionally, citizen oversight Boards would be formed and embedded within the offices of every municipality.
  14. Parks and public facility Maintenance groups would be formed where private citizens will be embedded alongside municipal personnel to ensure service delivery that is corruption free through public oversight.
  15. The visual pollution of hanging electricity wires, phone wires, other cables in cities would be immediately moved to underground ducting as part of the rejuvenation and re-build of city infrastructure.
  16. Boring machines and latest technologies would be used to carry these works out.
  17. Private sector would be invited to these contracts that could also be run in public-private partnership models
  18. Laws would be passed that would make it criminal offense for government departments in-charge of garbage collection, road-side maintenance to not carry out their responsibilities and staff in-charge of each area where such behavior is found may be arrested and / or dismissed.
  19. Governments and government departments have to be made accountable to citizens from whom they derive their employment and power.


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