Policy for the Defence Ministry and Armed Forces .

The Rising India Party, on winning elections, will move at once to institute major changes in the composition and functioning of the Ministry of Defense of the Union of India, the core concepts of which are set out below. These would be open to the public for discussion, debate, additions, or subtractions to the suggested policies.

The Policy referendum that The Rising India Party would conduct post the winning of elections; would seal these policies as those desired and endorsed by a majority of the Indian public.

The Ministry of Defense would be a completely reconstituted as follows:                                                                                                                

  1. The staff strength of the Ministry of Defense, across all levels of the Defense bureaucracy shall be adjusted such that 40% staff would be from the current civil services or qualified civilian appointments, 30% would be inducted from the defense sector, and 30% from the engineering and technology sector.
  2. Bureaucrats relived from the Ministry of Defense would be re-deployed elsewhere.
  3. The government would look at the widest pool available amongst Indians, individual or companies to identify the requisite experience and talent for each of the critical defense sector technology and manufacturing arenas.
  4. Suitable inductions would be carried out also from the available pool of active personnel of the armed forces who can be spared from core army work, for 3 year postings.
  5. Retired army personnel of high quality and caliber, a good record and knowhow or experience, would be actively considered for induction in the Ministry of Defense staff on tenured contracts.
  6. Project groups would be formed for each project underway in the Ministry of Defense.
  7. Data and Analytic Groups would be formed within the Ministry of Defense
  8. These would be tasked to gather comprehensive data on emerging technologies, work in progress across the world in weapon systems and defense thinking, perception, groups and so on and provide 360 analyses of all components at play at any given time to the Defense Plans Board Groups
  9. These Groups would be constituted comprising civilians, bureaucrats, armed forces personnel on-assignment as Ministry bureaucrats, in the Ministry of Defense tasked to engage, oversee and ensure timely decisions, weapon systems delivery, quality and oversight on various functions.
  10. The Ministry of Defense will function to a wheel-spoke-center format of organizational architecture wherein each section will be connected to all concerned with the success of the Ministry and any given project at hand.
  11. All purchase decisions would involve defense personnel inductee bureaucrats at Joint Secretary. Additional Secretary, Secretory levels; as also down the line in the reconstituted departments.

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