Re-Monetization – The New Deal – Follow Through Measures .

Re-monetization would create the biggest opportunity in Indian history to bring in a New Deal for India. It would provide the unprecedented opportunity to write in A New Set of Laws, Rules of Governance, and Policies for Promoting Increased Liquidity and Economic Opportunities.

It would also provide the opportunity of replacing the left over British legacy and re-setting the Laws that govern us, as well as for renewing and re-setting the Rules and laws left by the British, ones that are the operational manuals for the functioning of the Bureaucracy till this day.

These moves would bring in a new system of governance that is consistent with the civilizational reality of our nation. By replacing the system designed and set by a foreign power, the erstwhile British, The Rising India Party would bring into the daily life of the nation a system of governance that is truly inclusive and designed for the benefit of Indian and Indian national self-interest, rather than the interest and benefit of foreigners.

These moves would also be powerful tools for Injecting Efficiencies in Government interface with the public and its modes of functioning. These would broadly play out as follows alongside the Re-Monetization Policies that would include the following:


The growth of the black economy over the decades included huge dollops of outright theft from the national and state exchequers by ruling politicians and their bureaucrat coteries, by both cornering resources to becoming sources of cash economy corruption. The cash then rechanneled in all sorts of businesses and deals in land, licenses and so on. An examination of and from the origins and growth of Indian political families since 196o, and a scrutiny of the socio-economic state of their parental origins and their subsequent fortune   s would clearly expose the facts of theft and corruption on a grand scale. It is in open view.

The same is also true for Government servants, many of whom made fortunes over the decades at all levels from the IAS down to petty clerks.  This political-bureaucrat-robber-baron phenomenon has been the norm since the 1960’s, growing to horrendous proportions. This has been the single biggest drain on the national exchequer and the consequent batting below its weight, a slowing even in the growing type damaging narrative that is the Indian socio-economic-political frame.

An integral part of The Rising India Party’s Re-monetization initiative would include identifying and bringing back to the public exchequer a large portion of this wealth held in the hands of the extended families of the Indian Politicians, Bureaucrats and government servants. The party would carry out the following measures:

  1. On winning elections, the government would form Political-Bureaucrat-government servant wealth Audit Teams, comprising CA’s, Police personnel, neighbors of the concerned person who is being investigated, including from the place of birth and parental house origin, and private investigators.
  2. These teams would start their investigative work from the place of birth and parental home listed in the recruitment or other appropriate official record.
  3. The teams will find out, note and assess the state of the family’s finances and income at the time of investigation through all sources, including interviews with neighbors, colleagues etc.
  4. The present economic state of the concerned person and his / or families would be tabled and the huge growth would need to be explained with proof.
  5. Of all wealth found through such investigation in the form of existing businesses, land holdings, ownership of trusts and institutions held by such trusts; 75% would be declared government property.
  6. This can then be either rebought by the person in question, or can be sold in public auction and the funds thus raised would add to the post re-monetization coffers.
  7. Under the terms of the Amnesty, all politicians, bureaucrats and government servants would be given the opportunity to come clean and for those who undertake full disclosure, lenient terms including no prison, retention of sufficient to retain life styles within reason, and be allowed to keep 50% of the wealth holding rather than the 25%.
  8. Continued hiding this illicit wealth would lead to draconian penalties including confiscation of all assets and hard public service for life as a servant somewhere. The families will be spared with assets to be held to the extent of providing a living for the families and decedents of such individuals.
  9. The impact of this move alone would add trillions to the nations coffers.
  10. The principle would apply to assets held overseas even through change of citizenship at the hand of the concerned individuals or their families / descendants. 

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