Referendum Mechanisms – on Demand .

  1. There are many laws and rules that impact on the entire nation that are brought in by the elected representatives without any idea if the majority of the public support such laws and rules as these have not been discussed or offered during election campaigns.
  2. This adds to a wrapped democracy where once a party has majority in parliament, it can bring in what-ever laws and rules it wishes, even if these are not supported by the public or are not in the best interests of the nation.
  3. The Rising India Party takes the position that the Indian public must remain engaged after each election.
  4.  The system of having to wait for 5 years for it to give its verdict on those governing it, has to be dispensed with immediately.
  5. The party takes the position that all major legislation or law changes, or policies that impact on the public interest must go before the public for a quick referendum vote to ensure that the moves being made are approved by the majority of the Indian public.
  6. There must be a margin of acceptance of at least 10% for a policy or law to be taken as being approved.
  7. All laws and policies can be subject of recall via referendums if there is a public petition by at least xxxxxx number of people from all state electorate segments
  8. The party intends to put in place quick referendum voting mechanisms such that these are possible to be held without having to undergo an election like exercise as per methodology laid out below:
    1. All RWA’s would be appointed as Referendum Points wherein they would be enabled to get all members to lodge signed paper votes, which would be scanned and forwarded to the election commission for tabulation and collation
    2. All villages would be assigned one household for every 100 families and these would be deposited with the Panchyat for onward transmission
    3. All Towns would have neighborhood household points appointed, preferably such people would be retired armed forces personnel
    4. Referendum voting would be compulsory for all adults 18 years and over.TO BE ADDED

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