Research and Development of Ayurvedic and Indigenous Drugs – Narrative .


India sits on huge amount of knowledge and insights gained and passed down the ages for many millennia in almost every conceivable area of enquiry. The key difference between Western and Indian knowledge being that the west only accepts as valid research that is carried out under strict laboratory conditions of observation and confirmation of a phenomenon through its ability to repeat itself whereas ancient India internalized it study.

Most insights and knowledge gained into natural phenomenon in India were by ancient Rishi Munis who sat in deep states of meditation and through the inward look gained hard know how of what made things what they were and discerned their qualities. These bodies of knowledge were passed on through the medium of “shruti”, that which was heard and “Smriti”, that which was remembered, until writing paper found its way into the human life story.

These facts, in themselves, should have lent weight for the government to set up substantial budgets and encourage the private sector to carry out research on many of these insights to validate them or disprove them; and especially so within the medical science as per Vedic narrative.

It is in India’s interest that it thoroughly investigates its ancient knowledge pool from every perspective and it is vital that the nation provides seed-capital annually for this to happen in its universities and corporates for a period of not less than 10 years.

The Rising India Party commits to creating such a Policy Frame work and funding aimed at giving a push to carry out in-depth research on the inherited traditional knowledge and science

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