River Clean Up Ecology Rejuvenation .

  1. For cleaning up and permanently re-setting the river ecology, the government would set up working groups to quickly identify all industries set up along the river-line that discharge their waste in the river or sea system.
  2. These would be further classified to type of waste generated and quantum of such waste discharged.
  3. Technical and engineering personnel teams would be put together to work out processing plants needed to process this waste.
  4. The government would look to setting up waste collection pipe-lines to carry the waste products to processing plants set up in remote unproductive land areas.
  5. The plants would process the waste separating the chemicals and other damaging products and release only clean water.
  6. The working model would aim at chemical or waste recovery for re-cycling where possible.
  7. Industries that are releasing their waste would be charged reasonable amounts as waste processing tax to subsidize the costs of setting up these systems.
  8. The country would move to a philosophy of “Closed Circuit Processing” wherein all human activity that generate waste, is moved to processing cycle that would form a closed loop such that all reusable waste is separated and recycled, thus generating additional economic benefits.
  9. Where the costs are unable to be met by commercializing waste products, the government would subsidize the infrastructure and maintenance thereof.
  10. The waste processing plants would be set up and run to public-private partnerships.

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