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The vast majority of Indians across religions are peaceful, giving, family-loving people, but there is a vocal, aggressive, even violent minority that has been vitiating public life and discourse in the country, from the Hindu and Muslim communities. The Rising India Party aims to address this negative, soul-destroying, nation-threatening force in a positive, hard-truth narrative by going to the wise people of India with the aim to get them to decided what kind of country they wish to live in; one of peaceful co-existence as is our civilizational narrative, or one filled and fueled with violence that is certainly not God’s way or the core teaching of any religion.

In recent times, the term Hindutva, has become a frequently used term to purportedly define or expound upon the Hindu “religion” or thought-stream by people who have set themselves up as the custodians of Hinduism through violent thought and deed. This is fueled largely by the Rastriya Svayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its political arm the BJP, formerly Jan-Sangh, who has been using it to the hilt to win a larger vote share from amongst the Hindu population, using fear and threat as their policy tools.

Created by Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar who formed the RSS to uphold the heritage and culture of India and for the cultural, spiritual and social regeneration of Hindus who he saw as having become meek with no backbone to fight injustice and religious extremism of Islamists, he took the view, that only the revival of the Indian civilizational values could give Hindus a backbone, and respect in the world. A view that has significant appeal amongst many Hindus who feel threatened by militant Islam, even though these are a minority amongst the wider Hindu populace of India.

The idea and creation of the RSS most likely, derives its motivation from events of the day; including the fueling of Muslim hardline thought propagated during and pre-dating, the Khilafat movement and the Malabar rebellion of 1920s, during which period, incidents of brutal attacks and killing of Hindus by hardline Muslims took place, in pre-mediated and programmed attacks; and these are as recorded in the nation’s history. These incidents were probably rooted both in the socio-economic scenario of the time where Hindu landlords and moneylenders ruled the roost over the lower socio-group of Muslims; and in the ideological push for establishing essentially an Islamic foreign (Turkish) Caliphate, to which some Islamic leaders so subscribed above the interests of their own birth-land and civilization.

The fact that all hardline, political Muslim thought, and effort for “rule of India” has its source inspiration and narrative in “foreign” lands; including inspiration and money derived from the Arab States, has not helped the Muslim population that is, by blood line, genepool and civilizational behavior Indian in every way, not Arab. It has certainly not helped the Indian nation state.

All these factors put together, would most likely, have contributed to the narrative and the push-back by the Hindu followers of Dr. Hedgewar, and solidified his thinking, morphing into the RSS and its hardline ideology. The perennial inter-twining of cause-effect-effect-cause-story; and here we stand, in more or less a permanent conflict zone, fueled by both the RSS and the hardline, even extremist Islamic leaders, each driving the story of the other, with no rational thought or end in sight.

The handling of the Muslim forces unleashed during the Khilafat and Malabar movement by the British for their own ends, whose rule in India was attacked and threatened, did not help our population; our awam.

This whole story led eventually to providing the excuse, fuel and rationale for the Partition of India, by the departing British; to the permanent state of conflict they left behind and one that is being carried forward by spiritually, politically and mentally corrupt religious, and political leadership, both Muslim and Hindu, on both sides of the artificially created 70-year old border. There was never any referendum to ask the population if they wanted partition; it was slapped on in the most insidious way possible to serve their own geo-political story, not ours. Witness the fact that most families in Pakistan have relatives, often close ones, on the Indian side of the artificially British-created border, and vice-versa.

While there is significant following for the Hindutva story as it is being propagated by its proponents, the RSS and its political arm BJP who rule India today, its visible focus being on protecting cows and the Babri Masjid-Ram-Janam-Bhoomi campaigns, the vast majority of Hindus do not subscribe to such an extremist and motivated narrative.

Leaving aside the historical milieu that may have caused the birth of the RSS and its hard-right, hard-core Hindutva story, the RSS is completely wrong in falling into the “exclusivity” trap and thought domain within the context of the core “inclusive” thought-stream of our ancient thought-leaders, our Rishi-Muni’s since ancient times, from whom they supposedly draw their inspiration for Hindutva. That story begins and ends within the statement that “all beings and things exist in God, and God exists in all beings and things”; which leads to the “inclusive” lifestyle and history that is the Indian civilization, the Hindu thought stream and philosophy; and indeed, its underlying, undying strength. Diverging from that is abandoning the very foundation of our civilization and nationhood, and is, in fact, a betrayal of the highest order, of our fundamental values.

In fact, if Hindutva, or Hindu thought, philosophy and way of life are to be respected, honored and enhanced as the RSS sets itself up to do, the conversation of the RSS and its followers needs to change to one of inclusive association; even as it critiques and counters the extremist hard-edged Muslim clergy led propaganda that impacts on the Muslim awam so negatively; or for that matter any other religious clergy who claim exclusivity.

Both the RSS and Islamic fundamentalists ideology end up causing itself, and others around it, a huge amount of stress and distress leading to the extremist ideology’s dance of death and destruction India has been witnessing for some time. This has to end; NOW!

Take the RSS driven Babri Masjid-Ram Janam Bhoomi agitation that led to the demolition of the Babri Masjid, a house of worship, a house of God. The RSS-BJP combine have been aggressively pushing the story that, in fact, the Babri Masjid is on land that is the birthplace of Ram, Ram Janam Bhoomi, and therefore it must be restored as a Ram temple. Is it not a huge tragedy that in the process, the RSS-BJP combine and their followers have decimated the Ram example and demolished the very foundational premise of Hindu thought and example of life?

Consider this, Ram is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. His life’s example as narrated in the Ramayana is one of a human so pure in thought and spirit, that when he learns of his step mother Kakkai, seeking the throne for her son Bharat, after whom the nation got named, immediately, without thought, volunteered to leave for “Vanvaas” for 14 years with his newly wed bride.

Ram gave up his throne to his step brother so that the peace in the family prevailed, so his step mother’s wish was fulfilled, so the Kingdom remained prosperous; in His name, the RSS-BJP-follower combine, against His very life-example, went on a rampage and pulled down a house of God, be it that it was a Muslim prayer house of God, but house of God nevertheless. How does anyone justify such examples of hooliganism against the purest of pure life-example left behind for posterity for humans to follow, by Lord Ram? How can His followers claim to be His followers? They are the very destroyers of His example and legacy, and cannot claim legitimacy of any kind, including to that of being Hindus. They are anything but. Thugs, yes, Hindus NO!

The we have RSS-BJP narrative inspired killings and maiming of humans in the name of Cow protection; Gau Raksha.

While it is true that the Cow is considered a sacred animal, and worshipped by a large number of humans; it is equally true, and with far more core-impact and truth, that within the Hindu thought stream; within what our Rishi-Munis left behind, the principle of Karma, lies supreme. This principle states that each soul must, and will receive Just reward for his or her Karma, good and bad, according to his or her deeds and that this reward rests solely in the hands and domain of God. None else have the right or authority to decide the karmic fruit.

If this is true, then it follows that anyone killing or eating the holy Cow, is committing a karmic sin, just as he or she is by killing any other animal, but it is not up to any other human to decide the punishment for this karmic sin, only God has that right. How can any human, inspired by anyone, commit an even bigger karmic sin of killing humans in His name? How?? The RSS or its “cow rakshaks” certainly have no human or God given right to punish or kill or be the karmic equalizers, that rests only with God.

Then we have the story of Muslim exclusivity over others propagated by some of their thought leaders and mullahs; and rule of or over India story, as projected and maintained by various in the past 100 odd years by and through organizations including the Anglo Muhammadan Oriental College in 1881 and on to Aligarh Muslim University in 1920, Indian Union Muslim League(1906), Tabliq-e-Jamaat (1911), Jamaat-e-Ulma-e-Hind (1919), Jamaat-e-Islami (1941) and All India Muslim Majlish-e-Mushawarat(1964) have all along been in the fore front in keeping the movement of Muslim exclusivity and separatism, read foreign mogul rule, alive at the cost of the social and emotional integration of the citizens and the major religious communities in this country.

The hardline Muslim thought has been permitted to exist and grow in independent secular India through its Madrasa culture, and through its use of a foreign language, Arabic, to teach and preach the Muslim religion; and the constant effort by a small clergy and dreamers of the renewal of Mughal Rule in the conqueror frame; a foreign rule to engender forces not consistent with the national civilizational narrative of India.

That this extremist narrative has not been challenged and permitted to grow, is the result of the large heartedness and inclusive chronicle of our civilization. The fact that Muslims have been in a state of war amongst themselves through their inability to agree on who inherited the mantle of the Prophet, may peace be upon him, and may his followers be peaceful; though the split into the Shia and Sunni sects and sub-sects, ever since the passing on of the Prophet Mohammad, is telling; and needs to be addressed and thought through by its awam, independent of their selfishly motivated power-hungry Mullahs.

Islam, and its followers belong to the Indian civilization (Pakistan and Bangladesh included), for even though they are now separate countries, they are very much part of the 7000+ years of the Indian civilization, bloodline and genepool; but sans (Arab) foreigners, or foreign preaching (Arab), money, language or foreign inspired Mullahs. These must exit the nation and this must happen by and through the Muslim awam, if indeed India is their home.

The Mullahs need to bear in mind that no Arab nation would permit the teaching of Hindi, or any other religion other than Islam in their own lands; and the principle of reciprocity is supreme in international or inter-governmental relations. Muslims and mullahs who push or propagate Islam in a foreign language or with foreign money or inspiration are absolutely and patently out of line; perhaps these mullahs would like answer why this is the case.

Thus, both the extreme right Hindu RSS and Muslim organizations have to bear the brunt and blame of the inter-religious conflict experienced in India and both betray their bloodlines and mother-father land. The Muslim leaders propagating separatism are not descended from Turk or Arab blood, they are quintessentially, of Indian blood. Those who think they are of Arab decent, would be well advised to take DNA tests and if they find they are not decedents of the Indian blood lines, they should leave to join their families in Turkey or Arabia; not Pakistan, for Pakistan is of, and part of, the ancient Indian civilization.

The RSS needs to revisit its core philosophy and its lofty aims and rethink its interface and behavior within the context of the true Hindu tradition where strength does not equate to violence, even as it is ready to defend Dharma creatively and within the core spiritual story. With a little tweak, it can do wonders for and in India with its vast and disciplines cadre.

The public of India need to decide as to what kind of life and nation they want. Do they want a nation that is in perpetual conflict, thereby playing into the hands of foreign powers whose only interest is to keep the nation and its people destabilized so we remain weak and come to nothing except fighting each other; or do they wish to lead peaceful, good family lives where they respect and are respected by other citizens and their children can grow and prosper in a powerful nation that is respected and honored the world over?

Citizens of This great civilization need to remember and be mindful of the fact that all of them are descended from the same bloodlines going back thousands of years; whether they are Hindus, or Sikhs or Muslims, or Christians or whatever, they are all from a common gene-pool and Bloodlines. They are of and remain citizens of the great ancient Indian civilization that has given so very much to the rest of the known world.

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