Staffing Principles .

All Functional Groups will comprise of people with proven experience and ability within the functional area. Where appropriate and relevant, people would be chosen from across the social as well as experience matrix, i.e. as appropriate from village or rural to small-mid size city to large urban areas; the effort would be to ensure all relevant shades of knowledge, ideas and advice are tabled. 

People having relevant formal education or practical experience in the field of operation of the Plans Board group would be identified, targeted for selection  to speed and quality of the Planning discourse.

All Board Groups would be holistic, in that, apart the Core Area, associated or linked areas would be identified and people from these would form part of the discussion or planning / implementing exercise. For example, the Plans / Implementation Board Groups for Agriculture and Rural development, would also have expertise of Environment, Energy, Water resources, Resource Planning etc. as required or identified for each Plans Board Area.


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