The Federation of the Indian Sub-continent – Narrative .


While The Rising India Party has no locus-standi in other nation States of the subcontinent, matters raised in the Foreign Policy proposed for India, impact on the whole area.

In the truest sense, these matters are for the wider consumption of the vast public and varied citizens of the ancient Indian civilization that today comprises the nation States of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Burma; for each is linked to each, some closer, some distant, but linked nevertheless.

For the citizens of these nation States to look into their own nation’s politics, policies and interface with their neighbors and decide on how they wish for their governments to proceed. Let them all think about the issues raised in this true story of their civilization based on facts and not the ravings of sundry Pundits, Mullahs, Priests, Bhai’s and the other so-called custodians of God and religions of the ancient Sub-Continental Civilization we all call home.

The Rising India Party, as a new fledgling party of India, exhorts citizens of all the now separate nation States of our ancient civilization, to revisit their genetic memories, folk stories, and ancient wisdom passed down from generation to generation; that is known and common to all, regardless of current religious persuasion, and decide, what kind of life they wish to live.

One of peace, togetherness, powerful, mutual respect, respected by other nations, rich in every way, and truly immersed in the laws of Allah / Brahma / God / Nanak / Jehovah / Jesus, all names of the same Lord God energy; or die in conflict, weakness, powerlessness, poverty, corruption, mistrust, friendlessness, always being played by foreign powers, and their local corrupt elf-serving minions who definitely do not live in the God narrative?

Find your inner strength and ask yourselves these hard questions.

Remember, when so ever any human prays to God in any of these names, they pray to the same inner image and universal energy, of God. There is only One God, He is all Powerful, All Knowing and Present Everywhere and in Everyone and in Everything, without exception. That is the Truth, that every Prophet spoke of, not the killing fields that Shaitan has created in His name; that is NOT the Truth, it is based entirely on LIES. If Allah were really with the religious killers be they Mullahs, Bhais, Pundits or Priests why are they not having great success with the peoples of the world, and only the wretched of the earth follow them in death, why are their own lives and those of their families a living hell, why are their minds not calm and peaceful, rather these are demented, never at rest? They are not people of God, rather they are followers of Shaitan or Devil.

The contours of the Federation would look somewhat along the following lines; these are subject to change and evolution if this proposal finds wide-spread support, first across the people of India and then people of the neighboring nations:

  1. Each nation State and its people would maintain their Statehood and cultural identity.
  2. Each culture and sub-culture in the countries shall be preserved with appropriate funding that would comprise joint funding by the community and by the State and / or Central governments depending upon available resources.
  3. Each nation would continue to elect their representatives to their Parliaments and State Assemblies.
  4. A Central Federation Parliament would be constituted for which a pre-determined number of members would be elected from each Nation-State.
  5. A formula based on population, demographics and other pre-agreed parameters would become the basis for the number of such numbers from each nation-state.
  6. The location, frequency of Parliament sitting etc. would be decided once the basic support for the Federation idea is established amongst the peoples of the concerned nations.
  7. The Federation would have open borders, with civilizational citizens able to move freely, work anywhere, set up businesses anywhere. These may be subject to regulations that may be established once this is moving to its practical phase.
  8. Civilization Citizen rules would be framed for setting up the privilege-grid that would apply and for regulating the inter-religious and inter-social behavior frames; one where any kind of physical violence would attract heavy punishment along predefined lines.
  9. Each culture or sub-culture would have the right to live as they wish within their own geography, be in a district, or city or village within the qualification and no one else’s interests would be negatively impacted.
  10. The armed forces would be merged in a manner wherein the ranks and officer cadre would not be impacted negatively and the merged force would be defined such that the interest of the entire Federation with no possibility of internal conflict.
  11. The strength of the merged force would immediately become huge within the Global Geo-political scenario and make the Sub-continent immediately of world relevance and inevitably lead to a seat on the security council at the United Nations.
  12. Such an armed force would become overnight, amongst the strongest in the world. That is the Civilizational Dream.
  13. These moves would immediately neutralize the machinations of the foreign powers who are bent upon destroying our civilization and keeping the nation states weak and in perpetual conflict.
  14. Foreign Policy shall become the domain of the Federal Parliament.
  15. Economic management would be a Federal and State Nation subject.
  16. Common currency should be voted upon; if egos and nations pride is an issue, all currencies could be accepted and in use in all the Nation States of the Federation.
  17. The European Union is a good example of a union of disparate, unequal States and if such radically different countries can come together in a union from which all benefit, surely, a civilization of thousands of years with common blood lines, cultural stream, values can join forces once again to become a world force.
  18. The only real issues within the EU relate to non-EU migration, many from our own areas. Other than that, they are an economic force in the world.
  19. The Rising India Party anticipates that the idea and reality of a Sub-Continental Federation would be hugely resisted by many within India, especially so called “Hindu nationalists”.
  20. Many of the governments of the Nation States would also push back in a majorly, due to the entrenched power interests and the fear that they may lose their absolute power, in particular Pakistan.
  21.  The Pakistan government would most likely oppose this proposal the most, on overt-grounds of religion and religious intolerance.
  22. However, in reality that rationale and religious-based-nation narrative has no meaning today; given that there are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan today, and furthermore, a majority of Pakistani families still have many close relatives in India and vice versa.
  23. The Pakistani establishment would also oppose these proposals tooth and nail because the absolute power there rests with the Army and the Army has massive vested interest in keeping the current state of perpetual “soft war” with India on the boil.
  24. The Army generals also have major slices of the economy pie and these realities will need to be somehow accommodated within the new entities such that they become supportive while also maintaining the best interests of the vast population.
  25. In anticipation of these oppositions and while the broader conversation and discourse is being carried out, amongst the people and governments of the region, The Rising India Party proposes the following unilateral actions to be announced once it has the permission of the Indian public via the referendum to implement its proposed policies as below:
  27. The Rising India Party Government would announce that it is creating an “Citizen of The Indian Sub-Continent Civilization” Passport for all who wish to apply for visa free, multiple-indefinite-stay-entry Passports for entry and work rights in India.
  28. These would be subject to certain restrictions on limited rights to property purchase and other limitations as thought fit to protect Indian national interests pending full Federation.
  29. India would announce that its Borders are open for anyone walking across for hindrance-free entry into India, issuance of the “Citizen of The Indian Sub-Continent Civilization” Passports, subject to security clearance to weed out any “extremist religious” sentiment individuals, and criminals to keep the nation sanitized.
  30. These would be done through intense polygraph assisted interviews, psychometric profiling, thorough background checks including through local providers which would be paid for by the applicants, and other verifiable means that are available.
  31. India would set up multiple high security, highly controlled Entry Points at its Borders including with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Sri-Lanka (Sea Port-Entry Border), Myanmar etc.
  32. These would be large facilities with bunk-bed dorms to house any walk-ins while their security checks are being carried out.
  33. These centers would be staffed with psychologists, security personnel drawn from across the security apparatus who themselves would be thoroughly whetted, and appropriate civilians with high-end interviewing experience and skills.
  34. A large number of polygraph machines and psychologists would be employed at the border entry points.
  35. Payments would be collected in any currency from those making the entry attempt to make the exercise as cost-neutral as possible.
  36. Those who do not make the cut, will be sent back to their home countries and it would be the responsibility of those entering these border posts to find their way back with their governments or clandestine entry points at their own risk.
  37. Once people have cleared their entry and obtained Passports, they will be allowed entry into India.
  38. However, due to the major Pakistan military controlled government initiative, the entrants will need to agree to electronic tags for a period of five years to ensure they are trackable and that they are not “saboteur” agents tasked to propagate extremist religious propaganda and narrative or to incite or cause any kind of violence.
  39. They would be guaranteed no-harassment as long as they stay free of any kind of extremist religious activities and participation in such groups and stay private citizens indulging in normal day-to-day activities and living a normal-life.TO BE ADDED

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