The Party Funding Principles .


It is widely known that the current system of opaque and fudged Funding of political parties and political activity in the country is one of the key reasons for the perpetuation of the cycle and flow of Black Money in such large quantities. It is in the interest of the current System for this to be perpetuated; for personal Financial and Political Empires have been, and continue to be, built on this platform.

It is therefore vital for this major “negative” of Indian Political functioning to change and the best way to achieve this is to lead from the front from within the new proposed The Rising India Party to be pushing the new system over the old one, thus forcing others to change or perish.

While this is not possible at Launch of The Rising India Party, the aim ultimately is to call for a constitutional amendment to pass a Law related to the funding of Political Parties that allows for a mixed model if funding including part funding by the State through making Budget provisions that would allow for at least Part-funding of Political Parties by the State, that meet preset criterion.

Such an agenda is only possible once the Party nominees win elections. Given the right platform, as this one, it is anticipated that this will be well within the bounds of possibility even for a brand-new Party should happen fairly quickly.

  1. At launch, The Rising India Party is entirely dependent for its funding and functional Infrastructure, as well as its personnel to manage activity, on Public donations, membership fees and voluntary work.
  2. These would be achieved through people joining the Party in large numbers and volunteers.
  3. When the Rising India Party narrative enthuses people; as happened for the Aam Aadmi Party that sprouted from the Anna Hazare’s movement of 201X – 20XX.
  4. Donations to the Rising India Party narrative by the public of all strata, would be a key successful funding of the part to enable organization architecture to be built. Widespread public participation of anxious and troubled citizens who are hungry for change of the system that currently governs India would fuel the Rising India Party.
  5. At the time of writing this document, It is hoped that of the tens of millions of citizens impatient for change in India, thousands will, at a minimum, emerge and join the Party, bringing with them funds, their own and through fund raising, and offers for active voluntary work to make this effort for Positive Change a success. Nothing substantial can be achieved without this broad based Public participation; both in terms of time and money into the central kitty.
  6. As stated earlier, this Constitution is designed to be a live and evolving document. The fixed parameters, not subject to change are Integrity of intent and action, upholding the Indian Constitution, the elimination of criminality in Politics, fighting and eliminating corruption at all levels of current functioning of the State including in it’s various services. An absolute commitment to work for the uplifting and betterment of the country, from the poorest to the richest in a manner that is fair, equitable and takes into account the development needs, even where conflicting, and overall socio-economic-political-cultural and spiritual progress of the nation and its people.
  7. The Rising India Party, on formation, would set up a Trust Fund / Account with an appropriate Bank in which all donations will be received and banked.
  8. The Bank account would be managed by a core financial group that would have a firm of Chartered Accountants as continuous external auditors to ensure that the funds so received from the public donation are properly spent and duly accounted for leaving no room of misappropriation and / or use for personal funds by any office bearers of the party.

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