The Party’s Core Leadership and Parliamentary Board .

The Rising India Party shall constitute the central core leadership that will also function as the Parliamentary Board consisting of the thought leadership, Core Group Leads, appropriate members of parliament once the party wins elections, and legislative assemblies as appropriate.

The Core Leadership would have the  power to govern and hold accountable all party organs and to regulate their activities, guide them in their work to take disciplinary action on any breach of the party’s core values and discipline by any office-bearers of any party organ.


The core national leadership group and executive shall constitute an appropriate Body or Group tasked with the selection of candidates who are to stand for elections on the party ticket at central or state levels. These will take decisions based on holistic assessment of the candidate applicants, or will nominate one if the person is better qualified than the applicant pool. The strength and make up of these groups will be decided at the appropriate time.


For the conducting of election campaigns, the party will constitute appropriate Groups that would contain the requisite talent and expertise to make the best possible representation to the people of India.

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