The Party’s Vision, Mission and Value Statement .

  1. To make India the Number One country in the world and the Leader of global human capital development in spiritual, material, social and scientific terms amongst the comity of nations. This is the rightful place of the Indian civilization and its people as witnessed by its ancient to modern history; and the great contributions that the Indian civilization has made to world civilizations including to the Greek, Roman, Chinese, Asian, Egyptian, Arab and Western civilizations.
  2. To co-opt all socio-economic segments of Indian society and make available opportunities for spiritual and material advancement to all Indians in a dynamic, friendly and growth charged environment such that they can actualize their in-born potential for earning their living and growing individually, as families, communities and society as a whole.
  3. To recreate, reenergize, refocus and evolve the rich tapestry of our ancient civilization in the 21st century Context, Setting and Environment, using the ample natural resources and human capital available within the country; and through promoting of interlinkages of all relevant socio-economic-political-geopolitical factors,
  4. To bring back into Global Focus and actualization, The Golden Bird, that India potentially is, as it was known throughout the ages, such that the people of India live in an environment free of stress (Tanav) or fear or threat (Tana-Shahi), enabling them to live a rich, prosperous, balanced and fulfilling Self-fulfilling, joyous lives.

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