Village or Village Cluster Boards .

Village or Village Cluster Boards would be constituted through sustainable number of local members and units under their charge and jurisdiction. These would be decided once the party has launched in a consultative frame which would include the District and State Boards. All members that constitute the various level Boards will be through elections held once every three years from within the total membership of the party from the given area for which the Board is representing.

In addition to these Boards, the party would bring into existence focused groups drawn from the disadvantaged socio-economic segments of each village cluster, Tehsil, District and State. These groups would have focused representation with each group having its own Leadership architecture mirroring the party’s model. These focus groups would be responsible to ensure that their unique issues are tabled, discussed and included in all activity frames.


The disadvantaged socio-economic group of Tier 1 state shall comprise of between 30 – 50 elected members, Tier 2 state 50 – 75, Tier 3 state 75 – 100 elected members; and Tier 4 state as deemed appropriate.

Each of these would be led by a Group Lead and the party shall endeavor to ensure female representation of at least 40% or each group strength. Each group would reflect the socio-economic segments including the nominated schedule castes and schedule tribes as currently defined. The Group shall have an appropriate leadership team comprising a Group Leader, assisted by Vice-Presidents, General Secretaries, a Treasurer and assistant Secretaries. Female representation shall be strived for but all appointments would be based on merit, intelligence and integrity indices.

The Group Leadership and members of the groups shall be elected, and the number of these shall be determined by the State Executive Boards.

Only active members can be part of these groups. The Group Lead can take a call on bringing into the functional groups people from non-active membership of the party on need and merit.

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